A chic slot machine experience

Salle des Amériques

A dazzling, colourful room with nothing but slot machines

It’s all about the slots...


The Salle des Amériques is reserved for slot machines, which energise the room, filling it with a vibrant, colourful glow and giving it its own unique soundscape. 

Dress Code
  • Visits from 9 am to 1 pm
  • Opening of games at 2 pm to people over 18 years who are not banned from playing
  • Photo ID is required
  • Bermuda shorts, T-shirts and sports shoes are tolerated
  • From 7 pm: shorts, t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are not allowed
  • Dark jeans and dark or casual smart sports shoes are tolerated
  • Men must wear a jacket

Rates & Admissions

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  • The most beautiful gaming destination
    The most beautiful gaming destination
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    A unique Gaming Offer
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