Casino de Monte-Carlo - Salle renaissance
In the heart of the Casino…

Salle Renaissance

A entertaining experience in complimentary access

In accordance with government guidelines for the protection of public health, this establishment is temporarily closed until further notice.


It’s all about the slots...


After relaxing over a drink at the Café de la Rotonde, patrons can head over to the Casino de Monte-Carlo’s slot room in the Salle Renaissance, the ideal venue for a thrilling gaming experience. This is where the adventure begins, and there is so much more behind the next door!

Dress Code
  • Visits from 10am to 1pm
  • Smart bermuda shorts, T-shirts and sports shoes are tolerated
  • Jeans with holes, faded jeans, tank tops, tracksuits, sportswear, beach shorts, beach dresses, sandals and flip-flops for men and jogging shoes are prohibited
  • We tolerate Bermuda shorts, T-shirts and sports shoes
  • Games open at 11am for people over 18 years who are not banned from playing
  • Presentation of ID with photo is required
  • From 7pm : shorts, t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are not allowed
  • Dark jeans and dark or casual smart sports shoes are tolerated
  • Men must wear a jacket
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  • The most beautiful gaming destination
    The most beautiful gaming destination
  • Keeping it fun
    Keeping it fun
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    Exclusive events
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    Loyalty programs
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    Constant and generous jackpots