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Mada One's tasty and colorful snackonomy now available for delivery!

Mada One offers a wide range of tasty snacks for takeaway and now for delivery to Delovery, Monday to Saturday between 12pm and 3pm, to satisfy your sweetest cravings.

You'll also find our breads and viennoiseries for a gourmet breakfast, our delicious pastries, and our grocery products.


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Mada One x Delovery

Enjoy Mada One's culinary creations at your fingertips with the Delovery delivery platform. 

From our colorful on-the-go dishes to our fresh salads and sweet treats, your gourmet rendezvous has never been easier! What's more, you can pre-order by contacting Mada One directly!

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Mada One x Ma Consigne

Mada One x Ma Consigne

Social responsibility is at the heart of Mada One's values, so all year round, take your meals home in reusable, returnable glass containers. 

Thanks to our partner restaurant Ma Consigne, you can satisfy all your gourmet cravings by taking home or to the office the chic snacking of your favorite restaurant. 


No deposit at Mada One, go to the nearest collection center.


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Mada One 

Promenade Princesse Charlène, Pl. du Casino

98000 Monaco


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