Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Our commitments to Sustainable Development

The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, located on the border of the Larvotto natural reserve, is committed to sustainable development.


Since October 2013, the Monte-Carlo Bay has given structure and substance to its sustainable development policy. A specific committee of volunteers was set up. The “Bay Be Green Team” brings together fifteen members who meet regulary. Their slogan is “Keep calm and act green”. 


On 13 April 2014, the Monte-Carlo Bay received the GREEN GLOBE certification, a key milestone in its green policy: Green Globe is an internationally recognised certification programme designed for the travel and luxury tourism industry. Its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards are applicable to several types of structures such as resorts, spas and casinos.The demanding criteria of the prestigious international Green Globe label and the Platinum Standard, which will be awarded in December 2023, are further proof of the hotel's ongoing commitment to sustainable development. A demanding level of certification that only the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and Monte-Carlo Beach have achieved in the Principality.




Staff-related actions:

- We provide training to all employees to educate them on sustainable development.

- We’ve set up a “green corner” for recycling (ink cartridges, batteries, plastic caps, paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc.). 

- We offer warm-up sessions to maids and spa therapists, taught by a fitness specialist right before work, in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. 


Guest-related actions:

- We’ve set up a selective sorting system for waste (for newspapers, batteries, etc.) and encourage guests to save water and energy using brochures made from “Shiro Alga Carta” algae paper. These are placed in every room, and shaped like the hotel’s mascot – a small seahorse!

- We’ve replaced the room directory with an electronic tablet that also highlights the establishment’s actions to promote sustainable development.

- We’ve replaced complimentary toiletries (soap and shampoo) with wall dispensers.

- Organization of events for the "Fête de la mer" in partnership with the Monte-Carlo Beach, echoing the commitment of both establishments to the protection of the environment and the promotion of marine heritage.



Societal actions:

- We collect plastic caps sent to the association Les Bouchons d’Amour to recycle them in aid of people with disabilities.

- We’ve organised a charity luncheon in collaboration with two associations, Fourneau Economique de Nice and Solidarpole.

- We work with a local community group (SIVOM) to collect toys for the association Restos du Coeur.

- Our employees take part in the “No Finish Line” charity race, which raises money for Children & Future (an association that helps underprivileged or sick children).

- We are involved in the “Monacology” event, and organise children’s workshops to raise awareness of the environment.

- Participation in the European Week for Waste Reduction with the implementation of various actions for staff and clients: participation of Chef Marcel Ravin in the "Eco-responsible Coffee Break" event at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, collection of toys for the Soleil Royal association, SMA training within the Resort with the objective of raising staff awareness on waste management and sorting.

Major projects to promote energy savings


The Smart + pilot project

On 23 March 2018, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort made good on its environmental commitments by signing the National Energy Transition Pact at the Grimaldi Forum, making it a pilot hotel for energy transition initiatives in Monaco. Today, the hotel has managed to combine quality of service, competitiveness, and effective energy management by installing the Smart + pilot system, which saves a month’s worth of energy every year.


The leading energy transition initiatives introduced:


- Replacing 8,000 conventional bulbs with LEDs in hotel rooms and bathrooms, apartments, hallways, seminar rooms, restaurants, bars, and the spa and gardens, which has decreased consumption by 5% to 8% every year.

- Changes to the times at which the air conditioning and heating systems operate in unoccupied areas

- Replacing conventional LCD TV screens with LED screens

- Replacing the underwater lighting systems in the swimming pools (September 2019) and lagoon with LED lighting

- The use of LED lighting in all gardens

- The installation of solar panels on the hotel’s roof in April 2019. This 1,000 m² solar array is one of the largest in the Principality today. It generates 160 MWh of electricity for a capacity of 154 kWp – enough to power thirty homes.

- Installing the Principality’s first supercharger in the hotel’s external parking lot. Dubbed the “Power Zone”, the station is equipped with a 160 kW electric vehicle supercharger for guests and visitors, and is 50 times faster than a conventional socket.

- Installing Monaco’s first CLEANEA machine at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Using a water electrolysis process, this machine enables the hotel to make its own detergents and disinfectants for cleaning surfaces on site. These products are effective and eco-friendly, meaning they fit perfectly with the rest of the hotel’s environmental commitments: they are biodegradable, free from surfactants and toxic chemicals, made on site with no transport required, and kept in reusable containers to reduce the use of packaging, as well as being simple and safe for teams to use due to the lack of chemicals. The CLEANEA disinfectant solution also complies with the EN 14476 virucidal test standard used in the fight against COVID-19. 


Thanks to its remarkable energy management and energy-savings projects, the hotel was able to bring its consumption under 6.5 million kWh/year  – a 40% drop in 10 years! 


Marcel Ravin: a socially-committed, Michelin-starred chef


Sustainable development also features highly in the establishment’s kitchens thanks to Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin, an ambassador for good food and a better planet. This commitment is proudly displayed at every stage – from field to fork! But cooking with fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables is more than a commitment for Marcel Ravin: it’s a priority. At the Blue Bay, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s signature restaurant, meat and fish are the sides: it’s the locally-grown vegetables that are the star of the show. A charter has also been set up with “Mister Good Fish”, with a list of different species recommended for each season to help protect marine resources. The chef also works closely with the Terre de Monaco start-up founded by Jessica Sbaraglia, a creator of urban organic vegetable gardens including the one at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Recently, the Chef also launched an initiative to reduce food waste by creating recipes using surplus bread. 


Our awards

2014: Green Globe Certification

2017: Ethics & Solidarity Award from the Tourist and Convention Authority of Monaco

2017 : Adherence to the Mr Good Fish Charter

2018: E+ Environmental Label Award from the SMEG

2019: Green Globe Gold Standard certification & EHMA Sustainability Award*

2021: Labeling "Restaurant Engagé" for the gastronomic restaurant Blue Bay

2021-2023: "Toque Verte" Certification from the National Federation of the "Tables & Auberges" of France for the gastronomic restaurant Blue Bay

2023: Certification Green Globe Platinum Standard


Consult the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort environmental guidelines

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