Our commitments

The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, located on the border of the Larvotto natural reserve, is committed to sustainable development.


Since October 2013, the Monte-Carlo Bay has given structure and substance to its sustainable development policy. A specific committee of volunteers was set up. The “Bay Be Green Team” brings together fifteen members who meet weekly. Their slogan is “Keep calm and act green”. 


On 13 April 2014, the Monte-Carlo Bay received the GREEN GLOBE certification, a key milestone in its green policy: greenglobe.com Green Globe is an internationally recognised certification programme designed for the travel and luxury tourism industry. Its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards are applicable to several types of structures such as resorts, spas and casinos. Obtaining this certification was an important step in the establishment’s sustainable development policy.

The hotel was also certified in 2015 and 2016.


Whether they are social or environmental, many actions have already been implemented and others are still to come! 

- Raising staff awareness of sustainable development 

- For staff, setting up a green recycling corner (printer cartridges, batteries, plastic caps and lids, paper, plastic bottles, cans etc.)

- Preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) for housekeepers and spa practitioners by implementing daily warm-up exercises with a sports coach before work

- For guests, waste sorting (newspapers, batteries etc.) and raising awareness of energy consumption using a sign made out of seaweed paper “Shiro Alga Carta” and the establishment’s mascot, a small green seahorse, placed in each room!

- Collecting plastic caps to hand over to the “Les Bouchons d’amour” association for recycling to help disabled persons

- Our partnership with AMAPEI: Offering employment to a home for disabled adults – for example, sticking labels on confectionery boxes


The association Solidarpole organised a charity lunch last March.

The volunteers rallied around Michelin-star Chef Marcel Ravin, who orchestrated the meal.


Consult the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort environmental guidelines

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to the following email address and we would be happy to respond:

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