Monte-Carlo Beach commitments

“ACT GREEN” with Monte-Carlo Beach

Monte-Carlo Beach’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is part of a group-wide initiative launched by Monte-Carlo SBM in 2007. In 2019, the Group also released its third sustainable development charter for the 2019-2022 period, and is moving towards a complete, three-fold CSR programme encompassing its environmental, social and societal aspects.

Monte-Carlo Beach has advanced its commitment to sustainable development though its own 2019-2022 sustainable development charter, which highlights its key initiatives:

·      Protecting biodiversity:

Monte-Carlo Beach supports biodiversity, with Pointe de la Vigie being classified as an LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux) bird refuge. Additionally, the hotel has constructed an underwater seawall in order to develop a veritable nursery for juvenile fish of all species.


·      Responsible purchasing:

Elsa, an organic, Michelin-starred restaurant with local cuisine, primarily sources its ingredients from four gardens less than 30 km away.

The chefs do not purchase any products belonging to rare or threatened species.

Foreign products, meanwhile, are organic and fair trade.


Waste reduction and selective sorting:

Monte-Carlo Beach relies on a selection of eco-friendly products from local distribution channels. Selective waste sorting is performed at 10 levels: glass, paper, cardboard, recyclable household packaging, bulbs, WEEE, edible oils, organic waste (category SPA3), batteries, and clothes hangers.

A new experiment is underway to recycle cigarette butts. The programme was initially rolled out to personnel, and will eventually be available to customers.


Promoting clean mobility:

A firm supporter of green transportation, Monte-Carlo Beach uses commercial electric vehicles and has a power-assisted bicycle station, with three charging stations available to customers. The courtesy vehicle is also fully electric.

Lastly, customers transferring to Nice Airport have the option of choosing an electric vehicle for their transportation.


Pursuing a responsible energy policy

Monte-Carlo Beach purchases the equivalent of its renewable electricity consumption from EDF, and has a gas contract with carbon offsets.

The hotel also regularly reduces water consumption with technical equipment and good practices, including water-efficient machines, tap aerators, and alternative cleaning methods (e.g. electric blowers). A variety of other projects have also been launched, including one that uses solar panels to power the lighting in the car parks.


Joining the stakeholder ecosystem:

The hotel educates and informs its employees with a special “Green Team”, as well as a newsletter, e-news, and an internal blog. Customers are also informed using newspapers, posters, digital notifications in their rooms, and social media.

In addition, Monte-Carlo Beach is a signatory to the country’s National Ecological Transition Pact, a member of the Ligue des Protection des Oiseaux (“Bird Protection League”) from the PACA region, and a stakeholder in the country’s Marine Protected Areas.


Charity and outreach:

Monte-Carlo Beach helps organize soup runs for the association Anges Gardiens de Monaco, participates in toy drives and other programmes for Les Restos du Cœur in Nice, and has donated 132 mattresses and bed bases to AIMA.

In 2019, the Group released its third sustainable development charter.


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