Meeting with Denis Allemand: the biology of precious corals

Discover our exclusive interview with Denis Allemand, Scientific Director at the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, to find out all about the innovative research carried out in collaboration with Chanel.

Denis Allemand Monaco

Urban vegetable gardens for a committed cuisine

With the development of farming in Monaco and around, chefs within the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer can now choose from a variety of fruit and vegetables on site and find inspiration in them to design locally sourced dishes.

Marcel Ravin - Potager Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Monaco’s Gardens: the Principality’s parks and green spaces

Join us on a stroll through the parks and gardens of Monaco, a sustainable and resolutely green city!

Jardins des Boulingrins Place du Casino à Monaco

Slow tourism... or how to combine the pleasure of discovery with respect for nature

Monaco & Slow tourism: an obvious choice for a destination entirely focused on the sea, gastronomy, the pleasures of life and eco-responsibility

Slow Travel

Monaco and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer: working with you to promote sustainable tourism

Find out about our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Green Monaco

Caring for the Environment at Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer: What Our Staff Say

Five of our staff – all of whom play a part in these efforts – share their thoughts on our commitment to making the planet a better place.

Green Monaco

The Sustainable Gastronomy Summit: Eco-Responsible Initiatives

The Sustainable Gastronomy Summit is a gathering of scientists, producers, and committed chefs that took place at One Monte-Carlo in September 2023, aiming to establish practices conducive to more responsible food consumption.

Sommet de la gastronomie durable Monaco Monte-Carlo

Authenticity and nature in and around Monaco

With picturesque hills on one side and Mediterranean waves lapping on the other, let yourself be inspired by the natural landscapes, local flavours and art de vivre that make the Riviera unique. 

Alentours de Monaco

Top 6 green activities to enjoy in the Monaco sunshine

Discover  organic fine dining, urban agriculture, biodiversity in Monaco, an electric car race and more...

Jardin Monaco

Mr.Goodfish: Working towards a more sustainable fishing industry

In an effort to preserve biodiversity, the resort’s chefs follow the recommendations of Mr.Goodfish and the Prince Albert II Foundation to present their guests with seasonal fish and seafood.