Mr.Goodfish: Working towards a more sustainable fishing industry

In an effort to preserve biodiversity, the resort’s chefs follow the recommendations of Mr.Goodfish and the Prince Albert II Foundation to present their guests with seasonal fish and seafood.


Camille Lopez: at the prow of sutainable yachting

With her consulting firm HY-Plug, which focuses on green technologies and energy in the maritime industry, young entrepreneur Camille Lopez is on course for energy transition.

Camille Lopez

An oasis of greenery in the heart of Monaco: the gardens of the Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo

Let us guide you through the sumptuous gardens of the Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo. 

Les Jardins de la Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo

FlexSea: Bioplastic that's edible and biodegradable

FlexSea was founded by two locals: Carlo Fedeli and Thibaut Monfort-Micheo, who had a brilliant idea: to replace plastic packaging with a biomaterial derived from seaweed. Their innovative solution uses environmentally friendly materials, while avoiding the ecological problems associated with the production of traditional bioplastics. 


Caring for the Environment at Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer: What Our Staff Say

Five of our staff – all of whom play a part in these efforts – share their thoughts on our commitment to making the planet a better place.

Green Monaco

Monaco and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer: working with you to promote sustainable tourism

Find out about our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.

Green Monaco

Top 6 green activities to enjoy in the Monaco sunshine

Discover  organic fine dining, urban agriculture, biodiversity in Monaco, an electric car race and more...

Jardin Monaco

Once upon a time in Jardins des Boulingrins...

Explore the Jardins des Boulingrins, which have been restored to their original design, as they were 140 years ago, at the Place du Casino in Monaco.

Jardin des Boulingrins 2019

Exploring the sea and recharging your batteries

A source of biodiversity, the sea offers health benefits, and it also conveys stories and narratives that are part of the history of the resort, from the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo to the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo and its restaurant, L’Hirondelle. 

Exploring the Sea

The Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo bouquet

Discover the favourite piece of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo: Marco Traverso’s bouquet

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo