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Pampering breaks at the Cinq Mondes spa

Tucked away in the heart of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort hides a space wholly devoted to your senses and wellbeing: a space that invites you to relax, be pampered and make looking after yourself your only priority. We love everything about the Cinq Mondes spa – the cupola bathed in light, the delicate yet captivating scents – but, if we absolutely had to choose just three treatments, we’d probably go for…  




#1 A sublime Polynesian massage… 

Passed down through generations of Polynesian healers, Polynesian massage uses slow, rhythmic Lomi strokes to achieve physical and spiritual harmony.

Sweeping movements with the forearms, elbows and hands release physical and emotional energy blockages to reach a state of total wellbeing: the ultimate feeling of freedom.

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#2 Ko Bi Do… A plumping, rejuvenating facial treatment using natural ingredients and needle-free dermapuncture techniques. After removing any make-up, the treatment begins with a head and neck massage, followed by facial acupressure to stimulate microcirculation. The result? Activated collagen production in the lips, eyes, forehead and facial contours, giving you firmer skin! The magic of skin oxygenation… An allantoin and rosa centifolia essential oil mask is then applied for a final boost of radiance – it’s a real rejuvenator. To top it all off, you’ll also enjoy a neck, chest, lower leg and foot massage: the perfect way to round off this wondrous experience. 

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#3 A blissful ritual for two...

An unforgettable wellbeing and relaxation experience for two.

This unique ritual takes place in a dual treatment room and lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes, with 3 different treatments offered to restore energy and harmony to the body. First, you will be invited to relax with a fragrant, flower-filled Japanese bath. The ofuro is an ancient bathing tradition, designed to soothe and awaken the senses with a blend of essential oils, colours and rose petals, and restore balance to body and mind. Next is the aromatic spice scrub, an exfoliating blend of spices and sea salt inspired by the island of Java, with a delicate scent that will spirit you away and give you satin-soft skin.

The ritual ends with a revitalising 50-minute ayurvedic or Taoist massage, with warm oil to release tension and reinvigorate the body. All in all, an hour and 50 minutes of pure wellbeing…

The Cinq Mondes spa shopping list

  • Aromatic spice scrub:

An intensive hydrating sea salt scrub that warms your muscles with the heady fragrance of cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils.

  • Eau de l’Atlas:

An ode to the Atlas gardens, this aromatic refreshing water for hair and body blends the vivid notes of orange bark, the delicate scent of orange blossom and the fresh, spiced notes of ground orange leaves and Egyptian basil.

  • [Pre+Pro]biotic Essence:

Hydrate your skin and combat premature ageing with this intensive water serum treatment. Rich in both prebiotics and probiotics, [Pre+Pro]biotic Essence® helps preserve and restore your skin’s natural defences.


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