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Pampering breaks at the Cinq Mondes spa

Tucked away in the heart of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is a space entirely dedicated to the senses and well-being. An invitation to relax, to be pampered and to look after no one but yourself. We love everything at the Cinq Mondes spa. The tropical mist that welcomes you to the patio, the dome bathed in light, the light and captivating scents, the traditional hammam, but if we had to choose three treatments, we’d probably go for*… 



*today, in any case. We can enjoy the rest tomorrow!




#1 The Japanese bath… one of the Cinq Mondes’ signature treatments. It’s a preparatory treatment. The first part of your journey towards complete relaxation. This traditional Japanese wooden bath has the virtue of retaining its heat. It can be enjoyed alone or with another person. The practitioner begins the ritual by asking the client how they’re feeling that day, what their color of the moment is… And it is this color that will determine the choice of shower oils and the sophrology text that will be read. A relaxation session to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders begins during the reading, allowing the client to escape spiritually. Then it’s time to chill out with a little cup of tea and some carefully selected dried fruits and you’ll be ready to go for another treatment.

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#2 Ko Bi Do… a plumping, rejuvenating facial treatment based on natural ingredients and dermapuncture techniques. It starts with a scalp and neck massage, as well as make-up removal. The practitioner then presses on points on the face to stimulate microcirculation. The result? Your skin gets firmer because this action activates collagen production in the lips, eyes, forehead and facial contours. In short, the skin oxygenates itself! A mask with allantoin cream and Centifolia essence then helps boost the radiance of the complexion. It’s a real rejuvenator. The cherry on the top: the massage of the neck, upper chest, lower legs and feet, which concludes this sacred moment beautifully.

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#3 Udarabhyanga detox treatment… Based on the premise that the stomach is our second brain, this Ayurveda-inspired detox treatment focuses on the belly. How does it work? By getting rid of the accumulated stress, starting with a massage of the back (the main area of tension), then focusing on the belly, with smoothing, heating, draining and vibratory movements. There’s also work on yogic breathing, meditation and self-knowledge. Then it’s time for the belly wrap with its clever mix of chickpea flour, ginger and Indian berries. Perfect for detoxifying your body. A little bonus: the scalp massage for full relaxation and another invigorating massage dedicated to the legs and the feet to keep you smiling as you leave.

Monte-Carlo Bay Hotels & Resort Monaco Spa Cinq Mondes

The Cinq Mondes spa shopping list


  • Lumière Sublime Serum… an innovative serum with extracts of magnolia and liquorice root to perfect your complexion. 
  • Aromatic spice scrub… with sea salt and cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils. Hydrates and warms the muscles. 
  • Eau de Bengalore … a fresh aromatic scent for the body, hair and pillows with relaxing properties. A delicious blend of cardamom and vanilla.
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