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Spicy Beef Fillet (Lomo de Res) recipe from COYA Monte-Carlo

Published on March 23, 2020Updated on June 19, 2023

While waiting to share moments back together at COYA Monte-Carlo, discover all the flavors and exoticism of your favorite restaurant at home with the recipe for our Lomo de Res (spicy beef), one of our signature dishes. Take care and indulge yourself!



    Ingredients :

    • 450g fillet of beef (28 days dry aged)
    • Spicy marinade
    • Crispy shallots (to garnish)
    • Finely sliced red & green chillies (to garnish)

    Ingredients for the spicy marinade (can be made 1 week in advance)

    • 240g chilli/garlic paste 
    • 100g dark soy sauce
    • 50g panela sugar
    • 5g ginger juice
    • 10g garlic
    • 6g aji limo
    • 5g roasted and ground cumin seeds 
    • 10g spice blend (see below) 

    Ingredients for spice blend :

    • 20g star anise
    • 30g Szechuan pepper 
    COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs

    Method for spice blend :

    To make the spice blend, mix star anise and Szechuan pepper and grind until fine. Combine the chilli/garlic paste and garlic, and blitz until smooth. In a pan, combine the panela, soy sauce and mirin. Once combined, heat gently to dissolve the panela. Add the rest of the ingredients EXCEPT the aji limo, allow to cool. Whisk in the aji limo. 


    Method for the beef :

    Remove all sinew. Cut beef into 100 -120g medallions. Brush the beef with the spicy marinade and set aside for 30 minutes. Heat pan to high heat, add a slash of oil, sear on both sides and brush with the marinade again. Serve with crispy shallots and julienne of red and green chillies. 



    COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs
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