Get (back) into shape with electrostimulation therapy at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort!

Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

The true worth of wellbeing

Be it rejuvenation, strength training, toning or slimming, rediscover the best version of you with Monaco Fit Coaching!
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Discover the revolution in well-being and fitness with Monaco Fit Coaching, a pioneer in sports sessions using EMS technology.

Whatever your level of sporting expertise, our tailor-made sessions adapt to all profiles, now offered at the prestigious Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort !


In addition to our personalized sports coaching, we invite you to discover a range of avant-garde facial treatments, including CryoFace, Light Therapy, as well as a range of non-invasive body therapies such as NEO RF Bodysculpting, NEO RF Lipolaser and Pressotherapy. Transform your silhouette and rejuvenate in just a few minutes, with results that will amaze you.

Treat yourself to a revolutionary approach to taking care of your body and face, effortlessly, at Monaco Fit Coaching.


Practice sport without constraints

In 30 minutes, 3 actions, 3 results!

Who has never dreamed of being able to reshape their silhouette without surgery? Or to tone your muscles in just 30 minutes?

Neo RF Bodysculpting harmoniously combines electromagnetism and Radio Frequency (RF) to offer you three distinct and complementary treatments:

  • the construction of a durable and functional muscle thanks to supra-maximal waves
  • reduction of deep and superficial fat, taking advantage of the intensity of work
  • treating sagging skin by tightening tissues and stimulating collagen production.

Discover tenfold results in record time!


Neo RF Bodysculpting is aimed at men and women aspiring to enhance and strengthen their muscles, to visibly redefine their silhouette in one or more areas, quickly.

  • Location: level -1 of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort
  • Price: from €30*
  • Times: from 8am to 8pm
  • Duration: 20-minute sessions
  • Bookings: +33 6 40 62 96 62

Exercise without the effort…

EMS Body Sculpting Pro technology sends focused, high-intensity electromagnetic waves through your body to tone your muscles just like a workout. The impulses also encourage fat loss, with results visible after around six 20-minute sessions. These bespoke sessions work around 98% of muscles, compared to 60% during a standard 90-minute training session.


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