The adrenaline of French roulette in e-version !

The French Live Roulette

Transmission of Savoir-faire 2.0 !

Have you ever imagined playing French roulette live? You can play it exclusively at Casino de Monte-Carlo!

The French roulette, DNA of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, has made its reputation and its signature for over 150 years and today a revolution! The perfect combination of croupiers' savoir-faire at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, transmitted over generations and innovation.


Located in Salon Touzet, take a seat in the amphitheatre and sit in one of the 8 player spots in a comfortable armchair across from a touch screen. You are finally ready to bet starting at €1! And for even more fun, try a different game! At any time, you can join a game of English roulette or electronic roulette at Casino de Monte-Carlo. So, “place your bets!”


The French Live Roulette is available at Casino de Monte-Carlo


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