Magma Fall in Love 2022
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Magma x Fall in Love with Monte-Carlo

There are so many reasons to love Monaco.
It’s an exceptional place where anything is possible. Where luck finds those who come to meet it with a smile. A parade of experiences and memories await you under the Mediterranean sun...The group Magma, offering a unique music, at the crossroads of rock, jazz and avant-garde, shares with us its love for the Principality.

Let’s fall in love with Monte-Carlo!

Magma Fall in Love with Monte-Carlo 2022

What attracted you most about the Principality?



Caroline Indjein, singer : The beauty of the place

Christian Vander, composer-drummer-singer : A luminous city with its casinos, its beautiful cars and, for those who love it, its special Formula 1 circuit, its grandiose fireworks, its beautiful beaches lulled by palm trees.

Jimmy Top, bassist : The resolutely calm and powerful image that it gives off.

Laura Guarrato, singer : The Rock, the 1900s'.

Rudy Blas, guitarist : I would answer Grace Kelly...

Stella Vander, singer : The cleanliness, the calm and the order that reigns there.

Sylvie Fisichella, chorist : The artistic quality of the events.


What is your best memory of Monaco?


Caroline Indjein : A nice weekend at the Hôtel de Paris.

Christian Vander : My youthful memories of dreaming on the beach of Larvotto, walking by the calm and reassuring sea... Great moments of happiness. 

Jimmy Top : My last concert (my last visit too) at the Note bleu with Keys Zuna, an electro Funk Jazz project. It was the memory of a sunny day and an electric evening.

Laura Guarrato : The Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

Rudy Blas : I've never been to Monaco before, and the best is yet to come!

Stella Vander : When I came to participate in a variety show on TMC.

Sylvie Fisichella : An evening with the Jet Set.


Monaco in one word, it's :


Caroline Indjein : Glamour.

Christian Vander : Fairy-like.

Jimmy Top : Excellence.

Laura Guarrato : Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.

Rudy Blas : A future concert.

Stella Vander : Luxury.

Sylvie Fisichella : Luxury.

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