Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

“For Ever Green” at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

The Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo putting its prestige and know-how towards promoting sustainable development.

We are contributing to efforts to conserve energy resources, biodiversity and goodwill in our local community.

Every day, we strive for sustainable and sensible development, and our commitments reflect this: we signed the Energy Transition Pact on 23 March 2018 and are seeking Green Globe certification in March 2019.

  • Selective Sorting & Recycling:

The hotel is taking action to recycle with systematic selective sorting run by our employees: paper, glass, packaging and containers, plastic caps & corks, small electronic devices, medicine, batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges and cooking oils.

Collection of Nespresso capsules: all capsules used in our bars and restaurants are recycled in collaboration with Nespresso and are used to make compost and recycled aluminium.


  • Energy saving:

Smart Plus project:  In January 2019, our hotel signed the implementation of the Smart Plus project to increase energy savings in partnership with SMEG (Société Monégasque d’Eléctricité Générale).

Decrease water and electricity consumption: the hotel has installed water flow restrictors in all rooms and LED light bulbs throughout the building.

Greywater: in 2008-2009 then in 2011-2012, the hotel was equipped with a greywater treatment system, which now allows it to treat 60% of wastewater from the building, which is used mainly for toilet flushing and watering its green spaces.


  • Biodiversity:

Terre de Monaco Partnership: 

In collaboration with Terre de Monaco, the top organic urban fruit and vegetable farming initiative in Monaco, our Michelin-starred restaurant “Pavyllon Monte-Carlo ” opened its herb garden one year ago. Located in the restaurant patio, herbs and edible flowers are grown in the garden: marigolds, marjoram, sunflower, purple Thai basil, lavender, verbena, mint, sage, thyme, and chives, which are used by chef .

The Fruit and Vegetable Garden at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo: Since March 2019, the hotel has had a fruit and vegetable garden planted on 400 square metres in hilly Beausoleil, in a small green nook nestled between the hills and the sea. The benefits of the sun and spray from the Mediterranean give fruits and vegetables all the necessary ingredients for organic farming and the rhythms of permaculture. The fruit and vegetables are solely used for the menu of our restaurant Pavyllon Monte-Carlo.


“Mr. Goodfish” Partnership:

The Mr. Goodfish charter was signed in 2015 and works to conserve marine resources by making seasonal recommendations for marine species that aren’t threatened by overfishing. Every season, the chef  uses this list to prepare a flavourful menu and protect biodiversity.

The hives of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in the Ferme des Boutons d'Or:

Since 2018, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo has acquired 15 hives located in Var. Their product is on the menu of our restaurant “Le Limùn” in a signature dessert prepared by our pastry chef Nicolas Baygourry and made exclusively with our bees’ honey.


  • Local community:

We contribute to and participate in local volunteering and charities that support various causes:

Meals for the poorest in collaboration with the MIR association in Nice, which has been working for more than 30 years against poverty and distress

Participation in Pink Ribbon: walk to fight against breast cancer.

Partnership with the organisation “Le Rocher du Cœur” created in March 2013 by two riflemen of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. This organisation plans fun activities for hospitalised children that take them outside of the hospital. For 3 years, we have been hosting this organisation’s Princess Dinner.

“Monaco Red Cross” collection: in partnership with this organisation, we provide them with bedspreads, blankets and hygiene products for the needy.

Collaboration with AMAPEI:  Home for disabled adults in the Principality, AMAPEI is our partner and attaches labels to our hospitality documents and cake boxes for welcoming customers.

SIVOM collection: (multi-purpose intercommunal syndicate) Every year, we participate in a collection for Christmas presents and school supplies for Restaurants du Coeur and other local entities.

Glasses collection: We are partners with the French organisation “Lunettes sans frontières”, which has been working since 1974 to collect glasses for French social services and clinics/schools and organisations in foreign countries.


  • Raising awareness among our clientele:

Selective sorting bins in conference rooms for our business clientele.

Raising awareness about decreasing energy and water consumption using “Shiro Alga Carta” paper made out of seaweed.


  • Raising awareness among our employees:

In January 2018, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo gave structure to and formalised its sustainable development efforts by creating a team of twenty people to monitor all activities, with the credo “For Ever Green”.

Raising awareness about sustainable development through annual training for all employees and a strong commitment from all hotel departments.

“Green Corner” for recycling and reusing various materials (paper, cups, electrical appliances, etc.)

“Muscular awakening” sessions for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in staff.

Read the Sustainable development charter of the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo