Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Lounge Bars

Exciting or glamorous, evenings in Monaco are always exceptional!

The Principality of Monte Carlo is one of the most famous places on the Mediterranean coast for enjoying nightlife. We offer a collection of establishments that enable you to vary your enjoyment throughout your stay: lounge bars, trendy nightclubs and establishments with a cosy atmosphere. Come and discover the artists of the moment at After-Work or Clubbing events. Sip a cocktail from our menus and discover the magic of a night out in Monaco, a city that combines relaxation, well-being and partying!

Hôtel Hermitage - Crystal Bar

Le Crystal Bar

In winter, it becomes a hangout spot for lovers of champagne and original signature cocktails. A hub for local events, the lounge has become the preferred meeting ground for attendees at the Monaco Philosophical Meetings, and also offers themed evenings

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo
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