David Collins Studio, the interior designer behind the new Café de Paris Monte-Carlo

Published on October 26, 2023Updated on November 15, 2023

Founded in 1985, David Collins Studio is an award-winning interior, architecture and product Studio, delivering internationally recognised hospitality, residential and retail destinations across the globe. The Studio works with brands that represent the best in their field and with private clients that share its obsession with detail, craft and refinement.

Creativity, respect and the pursuit of excellence are central to the Studio’s values and culture. These qualities emanate not just from the interior designers and architects employed, but from every member of the team.


A word from the designer: 

"Café de Paris has it all. The ultimate location, a wealth of inspiration and historical references, a culinary signature, as well as familiar, charming and nostalgic service. It's probably the most famous "café" in the world. Its renovation is an excellent opportunity to bring the "café" environment back to the fore and to marry the other unrivalled experiences in the establishment.

In order to enhance the experience in a way that is respectful of the past, we have analysed some key elements that we believe will remain as a reminder of the past and offer a nostalgic point of reference for customers old and new. Art Nouveau shapes, glass screens decorated with the zodiac, colours taken from existing ceramics, icons from the grand café and ornate metalwork.

By using this existing genetic imprint, we get a starting point for what will become the future, reminders of the original, and consolidate our reasoning for our approach."

"David Collins is the interior designer and architect behind some of the world's most glamorous restaurants" BRITISH VOGUE

"The new Café De Paris will bear no resemblance to the old one, but it will retain its spirit and charm, while still making reference to the past. It will certainly have a unique and very contemporary design.

Our vision is to create the ultimate grand café. A "café" marked by Art Nouveau references, respectful of the original café, but entirely new in its approach.

A spectacular two-storey restaurant, with an incredible bar and wine cellar on display, where luxurious leather banquettes rest on gleaming mosaics and rich wood. Bespoke lighting, quirky touches and historic glass works combine to create a strong identity, ensuring we respect the past while creating a brand new future. Timeless and not old-fashioned."


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