Monaco Yacht Show

The Timeless Elegance of Monaco’s Yachts

Luxury and Prestige on the High Seas

Dive into a world of luxury, where the azure Mediterranean harmonizes with the sophistication of majestic yachts. Monte Carlo, the pearl of the Côte d’Azur, continues to attract and enchant with its gleaming waters, home to the floating jewels of the world’s elite. Plunge into the fascinating universe of Monaco’s yachts, where maritime splendour mixes with the timeless elegance of this prestigious location.

Monaco’s maritime heritage

With the Mediterranean as a unique heritage, Monaco’s history returns endlessly to the pleasures of the sea. Its maritime heritage is firmly anchored in its identity, making it a favourite destination for sea lovers and yachters. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are the perfect stage for the yachts that flock here each year, creating a glamorous atmosphere like nowhere else.


Yachts that tell a unique story

Each yacht moored in Monaco’s harbour tells a unique story. Yacht lovers flock here for exclusive experiences marked by the luxurious magic of majestic and iconic yachts. Monaco’s yachts are not just vessels. They are floating works of art that reflect the sumptuous lifestyle of their owners, embodying their character and their tastes.


The annual meet-up: The Monaco Yacht Show

The emblematic Monaco Yacht Show is the epicentre of the world of luxury yachts. Each year, this show brings together key players in the maritime industry, presenting a breathtaking collection of extraordinary yachts. It is an opportunity for enthusiasts to discover the latest technological innovations, avant-garde designs and luxurious services that push the boundaries of yachting excellence.


An exclusive way of life

Owning a yacht in Monaco is about more than just owning a material asset. It is an exclusive way of life, a status symbol, a statement of exquisite taste. Yacht owners have access to tailored services, special events and unique experiences in Monaco, allowing them to make the most of the captivating charm of this Mediterranean destination.


An elegant blend of tradition and innovation

The world of yachts in Monaco is a celebration of opulence, style and maritime adventure. As the yachts slip graciously across the glistening waters of the Mediterranean, they embody the very essence of Monaco: an elegant blend of the tradition and the modern, of prestige and timeless beauty. Whether you love sailing or luxury, or are simply seeking out the extraordinary, Monaco’s yachts invite you on board for an adventure, combining sophistication with the very best the sea has to offer.