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The best luxury yachts in the world

Published on September 08, 2023Updated on April 23, 2024

The world’s most impressive yachts often drop anchor in the waters of Monaco, making Port Hercules, port of call or home port to many luxury boats, a major attraction. True floating second homes, these vessels have amazing features. Taller, longer, faster: which luxury boats are the most impressive? See the images of ten marvels of navigation and on-board leisure to find out.

The most famous of modern megayachts: the Eclipse

During the 2010s, the Eclipse placed at or near the top of many luxury boat rankings. The largest yacht in the world when it was launched in 2009, measuring 162.5 metres from stern to bow, the vessel is the pride of manufacturer Blohm + Voss, a specialist in extraordinary custom-made vessels. Owned by Roman Abramovich, this beautiful white figure acts as a helicopter carrier (with two dedicated landing strips), floating residence (24 very high-class rooms) and coastal trade vessel. In the winter, the Eclipse makes its way to the island of Saint-Barthélemy and escorts the football magnate’s guests from the local airport to his villa.

Manufacturer: Blohm + Voss - Length: 162.5 m Estimated cost: €350 million to €900 million (according to appraisals)

Photos: Boat International

Yacht Contemporain - l’Éclipse

The Lady Moura, megayacht pioneer

Exemplar for today’s megayachts, the Lady Moura was, at its launch in 1990, a crown jewel of high-end shipbuilding. The ship has been traversing the world’s major marinas for 30 years. When it is not not setting sail around the Balearic Islands, it can often be found in Port Hercules, where it drops anchor for the summer. Sold in 2021, the vessel had undergone a high quality interior restoration in the 2010s.

Manufacturer: Blohm + Voss - Length: 105 m - Estimated cost: €213 million (in 1990)

Photo: Boat International

Yacht Lady Moura

Emblematic event combining exclusivity, elegance and innovation, the Monaco Yacht Show has established itself as the must-attend international yachting event.

Yachts lovers, dive into a world of grandeur and excellence, and experience a total immersion in the yachting's world. Come and discover the finest collection of superyachts from September 27 to 30, 2023, in the Principality of Monaco.

The largest private yacht: the Azzam

The largest private yacht as of 2023 is cloaked in mystery: the Azzam, a white 180 metre-long superyacht capable of reaching a comfortable 32-knot cruising speed (60 km/h), is also the epitome of discreet, despite its size. Its owners, heirs to the royal family of the Emir of Abu Dhabi, have kept all details of the boat’s interior behind closed doors, except for its capacity to welcome 36 guests in its relaxing Empire atmosphere, created by French designer Christophe Leoni. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the boat has an annual maintenance cost of $50 million.

Manufacturer: Lürssen - Length: 180 m - Estimated cost: €500 million

Photos: Lürssen Yachts

Yacht Azzam - Lurssen yachts

The Dubai, a homebody megayacht

At 162 metres long, the Dubai now ranks second place in the world’s largest luxury ships. Created by Blohm + Voss, it is a kind of floating annex to the Emir of Dubai’s palace, which keeps its precious ship in Emirati waters virtually year-round. Able to accommodate 120 cruise passengers, this sea giant has a dining room for 90 guests, a submarine, two speedboats for outings, not to mention a night club, a squash court and a cinema.

Manufacturer: Blohm + Voss - Length: 162 m - Estimated cost: €400 million

Photo: Boat International

Yacht Le Dubaï

The Al Said, the best yacht for music lovers

The Gulf’s royal families are amongst the most keen buyers of luxury boats, as evidenced by the Al Said, the fourth longest yacht in the world, owned by the Sultan of Oman. Launched in 2008, the boat fancies itself a melomaniac’s paradise. In addition to its cabins, a heliport and a private pool, it boasts a dedicated concert hall, where 50 performers can take the stage.

Manufacturer: Lürssen - Length: 155 m - Estimated cost: €250 million

Photo: Lürssen Yachts



If the yachting is still a little-known industry, it is well established in Monaco, thanks to Norwegian naval architect Espen Oeino, who has played a major role in making Monaco the capital of yachting.

The heftiest megayacht: the Dilbar

A true star of yacht design, Andrew Winch made headlines in 2016 at the inauguration of Dilbar, one of the largest yachts in the world and his latest creation. Named after the mother of its first owner, Alisher Usmanov, the ship has some spectacular features; notably, its huge indoor pool, teak decks and two heliports.

Manufacturer: Lürssen - Length: 156 m - Estimated cost: €650 million

Photos: Lürssen Yachts

Yachts le Dilbar - Lürssen Yachts

The Al Mirqab, an ocean-coloured yacht

With its pretty navy blue hull overlooked by two white decks, the Al Mirqab is easy to spot each time it visits Port Hercules. Designed by Andrew Winch, the ship’s interior includes 10 suites, a cinema, a swimming pool, and more. Outside, bars and jacuzzis round out the luxurious facilities of this 133 metre-long boat that spends most of its cruising time in the Greek Cyclades.

Manufacturer: Peters Werft - Length: 133 m - Estimated cost: €250 million

Photo: Peter Werft

Yacht Mirqab

A yacht that loves the wind: the A

Designed by Philippe Starck, the A stands out from other megayachts, with a threemast sailing ship silhouette. While it is engine-propelled, of course, its sails provide this 143 metre-long sea giant with surplus speed and energy efficiency. Such enginesail hybrids are also a serious option for commercial navigation, and the A is a particularly luxurious “prototype”. Delivered to its owner in Port Hercules, Monaco in 2017, the yacht features a cosy atmosphere, and incorporates an underwater observation pod directly on its keel, among other luxury activities that can take place on board.

Manufacturer: Nobiskrug - Length: 143 m - Estimated cost: €500 million

Photos: Nobiskrug

Yacht l'A - Nobiskrug

The Black Pearl, the eco-designed superyacht

Curved metal yardarms, three gigantic masts and propelled mostly by sail, the Black Pearl stands out as a “different” superyacht. A jewel of nautical technology, this exceptional ship relies on innovative machinery to cross the seas while consuming almost no fossil fuel, at the same time ensuring its fourteen passengers the most luxurious cruise.

Manufacturer: Oceanco - Length: 106 m - Estimated cost: €180 million

Photos: Oceanco Yacht

Yachts Le Black Pearl - Oceanco

A yacht to clean the seas: the Rev Ocean

It is 182 metres long, belongs to a billionaire, and rises to the standards of today’s megayachts. But the Rev Ocean is not actually designed for entertaining its passengers. Upon its 2024 commissioning, this large, beautiful ship will have the mission of removing five tonnes of plastic from the oceans per day, all while carrying out anti-pollution scientific research in situ.

Manufacturer: VARD - Length: 182 m - Estimated cost: €400 million

Photo: Boat International

Yacht le Rev Ocean - VARD

The Koru, an extraordinary yacht with an extraordinary owner

With a name inspired by the Maori, the Koru gives pride of place to power: this threemaster propelled by engine and sail was so gigantic that its manufacturer initially planned to dismantle a bridge so that the ship could leave Rotterdam. Although this operation was ultimately unnecessary, the vessel now sails accompanied by a protective annex, the Abeona, which serves as an auxiliary heliport and escort to Jeff Bezos’ superyacht.

Manufacturer: Oceanco - Length: 127 m - Estimated cost: €450 million

Photos: Oceanco Yacht

Yacht Koru - Oceanco

A yacht project too good to be true: the Streets of Monaco

Super- and megayachts are the stuff of dreams, which sometimes brings about media coverage of crazy projects, real buzz machines for the sensationalist press. The Streets of Monaco concept falls into this category. This study in style proposes recreating some of Monaco’s emblematic landmarks (the starting line of the Circuit, the Prince’s Palace, etc.) on a floating deck 150 metres in length. This is a true challenge that would require a billion-dollar investment, all for a result that could not possible measure up to the original: there is only one Monaco, and it is firmly anchored on land!

Photo: Jet Set Magazine

Yacht Streets of Monaco

The History Supreme: a hoax still afloat

Often showcased in sensationalist articles, the History Supreme has caused quite the buzz in the media: a supposed megayacht project using a hundred tonnes of gold and platinum for interior decoration... In short, it is a fantasy worth hundreds of millions euros that is unlikely to come to fruition, despite articles that repeatedly cite the project as the most expensive yacht in the world.

Photo: Stuart Hughes

Yachts L'History Supreme



Yacht: Whether sail- or motor-powered, the yacht is a private leisure craft with a deck. It was originally a type of racing sailboat.

Superyacht: The term “superyacht” is usually used to refer to private vessels that are more than 30 metres long and have a crew year-round.

Megayacht: “Megayacht” is not an official regulatory category, but this term designates any private vessel more than 80 metres long that can accommodate at least 25 people in its crew.


The yacht, from competition to luxury

In English, “yacht” initially described any boat not used for commercial or military purposes. The term referred to a pleasure boat, and then, from the 19th century, a competition sailboat, whose name could be found in boating clubs such as the Royal Thames Yacht Club, the New York Yacht Club or the Yacht Club of Monaco, a descendant of the “Regatta Society”. Yachts faced off in challenges that later became famous, such as the America’s Cup, named after the New York schooner that won in 1851. The meaning of the word then evolved with the advent of motoryachts, motorised pleasure craft that are now commonly known as simply “yachts”.

Photo: Lürssen Yachts

Towards a new kind of yacht

With its trade shows particularly Monaco Yacht Show and recent constructions, the luxury boat sector is regularly in the news. In the future, and as in all transport industries, its propulsion model should evolve towards engines that emit less CO2 and sulphur. This is why designers are currently turning to hydrogen engines, solar sails and traditional sails as serious alternatives to fossil fuel engines.

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