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Activity ideas – Our top recommendations for keeping your children occupied at home

Published on March 30, 2020Updated on April 25, 2023

The little ones are hardly going to complain – no more class, no more school dinners, mum and dad at home every day... But even if the idea of extended holidays isn't all bad, sometimes days can seem long for the kids as well as for the grown-ups! Cooking, colouring, board games, etc. – here are our ideas for activities at home that will awaken your children's creativity and senses!

1# Little chefs: ready, steady, cook!


Having time gives way to moments of sharing and fun, which for the most culinarily inclined take place in the kitchen. With recipes for Cupcakes and Cookies specially designed by Pastry Chef Nicolas Baygourry of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, it's time to have fun as a family and let your little chefs’ talent shine through these two sweet and delicious recipes.

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Cours de cuisine parent-enfant à Monaco

2# Colouring books or how to get away from it all

A box of felt-tip pens or crayons and off they go! All you have to do is print out our colouring books and let your children's creativity take over. As well as the fact that our illustrations will keep them busy for hours on end, it is also an excellent educational exercise. In fact, colouring in is proven to improve motor skills and develops concentration. To be enjoyed without moderation.

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Hôtel de Paris - Diamond Suite Princesse Grace

3# On your marks, get set, play!

Board games or how to spend time together with a common goal: to have fun (and win!) Yam's and the Kem's have one thing in common: they are played with objects that we all have at home! Cards and dice that will challenge your strategy, discretion, observation, speed, judgement, concentration, etc. So why not take the time to play a game as a family – these old-fashioned games are to be shared, just like sherbet lemons!

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jeu de carte

4# Mixology workshop for kids

At the risk of disappointing some parents, there are no Martinis, Margaritas or Moscow Mules on the menu!  But fear not – say hello to the candy floss cocktail! A non-alcoholic, colourful cocktail that is easy to make at home.              

To do this you will need candy floss, coloured sugar, a lemon, fruit-flavoured fizzy pop of your choice and fresh fruit for decoration. Method: Run a lemon around the rim of a glass made of unbreakable material and coat it with coloured sugar. Fill the glass with candy floss, taking care to pull it apart so that it is not compacted at the bottom of the glass. Pour the fruit-flavoured fizzy pop of your choice or a homemade lemonade all the way to the top of the glass. Decorate the glass with a kebab of chopped fruit (strawberries for example) then add a straw the colour of the resulting cocktail. The bubbles in the fizzy pop will melt the candy floss and bring out its flavour when you taste it.

Now it’s your turn!


cocktail enfant

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