Monte-Carlo Beach

PAOMA Awaken the Senses Ritual at the Monte-Carlo Beach spa

The eco-friendly, ethical beauty ritual

Care for your skin
  • Wellbeing
  • Facial treatment
  • 30 mins
  • Paoma

The Awaken the Senses Ritual is a highly regarded and bespoke holistic treatment. There are 2 stages: 15 minutes is spent preparing the skin, including makeup removal and face mask application, followed by a 15-minute massage for the desired area: Eyes, Forehead, Lips, Facial Contours or Chest.


Innovative massage techniques inspired by age-old beauty ceremonies are used, harnessing deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, facial rollers, Gua Sha, face yoga and acupressure to leave skin deeply hydrated, plump and smooth. 


Add-on targeted facial rituals:
Five targeted modules have been created, giving you the chance to make this unique experience even more bespoke. Depending on your desired outcomes and any needs identified, add one to your Awaken the Senses or Bring out the Beauty Ritual to further enhance your experience.

  • Eyes - smooth & soothe puffy, tired eyes: 15 minutes / €50
  • Forehead - lift, plump & de-stress: 15 minutes / €50
  • Lips - plump, reshape & smoothe: 15 minutes / €50
  • Facial contours - sculpt, firm & lift: 15 minutes / €50
  • Chest - redefine, smooth & firm: 15 minutes / €50