PAOMA Bespoke Massage at the Monte-Carlo Beach spa

Monte-Carlo Beach

The eco-friendly, ethical beauty ritual

Enjoy a unique wellbeing experience
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Massage combining manual techniques or using a Gua Sha in rose quartz, in order to release muscle tension, circulate energy and eliminate toxins.

  • Duration: 30mn / 60mn / 90mn
  • Pricing: €100 / €185 / €265

Innovative massage techniques inspired by age-old beauty ceremonies are used, harnessing deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, facial rollers, Gua Sha, face yoga and acupressure to leave skin deeply hydrated, plump and smooth. 


Add-on targeted body rituals:
Three targeted modules have been created for you to further tailor this unique experience to your desired outcomes and any needs identified.

  • Head - soothe, calm & de-stress: 15 minutes / €50
  • Stomach - settle, tone & ease bloating: 15 minutes / €50
  • Feet - relax, rejuvenate & relieve: 15 minutes / €50