Exhibition – Dalí: A History of Painting

A new summer exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum
From Saturday 6 July to Sunday 8 September 2019 (CONCLUDED)

Every summer, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco puts on a large themed exhibition dedicated to a prominent artistic movement, an aspect of heritage or culture, a public or private collection – anything that shows creativity in a new light.

This year’s exhibition features a timeline of art from 1912 to 1983 and etches Salvador Dalí into the history of painting, affirming the importance of the ultimate grand master whose artistic career would see him draw on and subsequently break the mould of the entire European avant-garde movement .

  • Venue: Grimaldi Forum Monaco
  • Date: 6 July – 8 September
  • Prices: from €6
  • Opening times: Open every day from 10:00-20:00
  • Late opening on Thursdays until 22:00
  • Notable paintings: Memory of the Child-Woman (1929), The Spectre of Sex Appeal, and Enigmatic Elements in a Landscape (1934)

Following in the footsteps of the previous great monographs on 20th-century artists presented at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco (SuperWarhol in 2003, Monaco Celebrates Picasso in 2013 and, more recently, Francis Bacon, Monaco, and French Culture in 2016), the summer 2019 exhibition will be “Dalí: A History of Painting”.

This year, which marks the 30th anniversary of Dalí’s death (1904-1989), will see the exhibition take visitors on a remarkable journey through the artist’s work. The selection features paintings, drawings, documents and photographs dating from 1910 to 1983, giving visitors an insight into the artist’s different stages of creation.


The exhibition will be an opportunity for visitors to see how the artist developed and identify traces of the various painters who influenced him, who he honoured with his work.

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