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How can I stay apprised of my account balance for My Points and Loyalty Points?

You can check your points balance on our online customer area : mymontecarloprogram.com, on the terminals present (at your disposal) in the Casinos and with the My Monte‑Carlo team.


What is a joint account?

A joint account allows a member to share their tier status and rewards with a person of their choice.
If you ask to create a joint account, the person will become a co-account holder. The person will have in their possession a card in their name that is directly linked to your tier status, allowing them to benefit from your advantages and rewards as well as earn and use My Points in your account.
If the joint account is terminated, the main account holder will retain the My Points and Loyalty Points balances existing at the moment of termination.


The card is strictly personal, so how can my children use My Points in the Resort when I am not with them?

Get them a Kids My Monte‑Carlo card! By creating a Kids card in their name, you authorise your children to use your My Points directly in all participating Monte‑Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Resort establishments.


I usually play on two machines at the same time. How can I earn rewards for both?

Every member is allowed up to two My Monte‑Carlo cards. Just ask for a second card from the My Monte‑Carlo counter in your casino. Each card can only be used by the account holder. If you and a friend would like to earn points in the same account, ask for a joint account instead.



Do Loyalty Points have an expiration date?

Loyalty Points are earned from 1 January to 31 December of each year. The counter resets to zero every year on 1 January.


How can I achieve a higher tier status?

All year round, from 1 January to 31 December, we calculate your Loyalty Points.
As soon as you obtain the number of Loyalty Points necessary to move up to a higher tier, you gain instant access to the benefits of the new tier.
The tier you achieve one year is maintained until 31 December of the year following the year it was earned.
To maintain your tier status beyond the year in progress, all you have to do is achieve the required number of Loyalty Points.


Can I earn My Points and Loyalty Points if I bill a participating restaurant to my room?

Yes, from Silver status upwards. For those with Membre status, this option is available for casino restaurant and bar bills.


I did not have my My Monte‑Carlo card with me at the Bar Americain in Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo and when played in the Casino. Can I still earn My Points and Loyalty Points for that day?

Unfortunately, the My Monte‑Carlo programme cannot recover that information. This means that points can only be earned for expenditures made when you present your My Monte‑Carlo card on site. It’s the only sure way to reward you for your loyalty.


I paid my bill at Buddha‑bar Monte‑Carlo and I had a beauty treatment at Spa Cinq Mondes, when I'm going to receive My Points and my Loyalty Points?

As long as you presented your My Monte‑Carlo card when paying in the restaurant and in the spa, your My Points and Loyalty Points will be credited the following morning.

Do My Points have an expiration date?

My Points are valid until 31 December of the year following the year they were earned.
Example: One My point earned on 20/11/2019 is valid until 31/12/2020.


Can I earn My Points and Loyalty Points when I play table games?

Yes, if you show your card to the gaming staff as soon as you arrive at the table. The casino staff will evaluate your gaming volume. Your My Points and Loyalty Points will be credited to your account the following day.


Can I pay for my room with My Points?

Yes. My Points can be used to pay for your hotel bills, except for the rooms/suites themselves and any specific expenditures that must be covered through your own means.


Can I pay extras that I’ve billed to my room during my stay?

Yes. My Points can be used to pay for your hotel bills, except for the rooms/suites themselves and any specific expenditures that must be covered through your own means.


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