Grand Prix de Formule1 Monaco Monte-Carlo
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7 figures charting the legend that is the Monaco Grand Prix

Published on November 27, 2018Updated on April 25, 2023

Every year in May, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is the event that turns everyone’s head. It’s a wild race, marked by the sound of tyres screeching on the asphalt. A competition like no other, with the best drivers from around the world going head to head. It exudes adrenaline and never fails to bring visitors under its spell. The history of one of the most prestigious circuits in the world is right there in its every bend, and in every driver who has ever won or lost one of the races, driven in record time, that make this event a motor racing legend!


1929. Prince Pierre presided over the opening ceremony of the track that was to become a legend: the Monaco circuit



80 km/h. The speed at which William Grover-Williams won the first ever race in his Bugatti. In 2018, Australian driver Ricciardo won with an average speed of 151 km/h...



100,000 fans, insiders and racing enthusiasts attend the Monaco Grand Prix every year. That’s 2.5 times the Principality’s entire population!

Grand Prix de Formule1 Monaco Monte-Carlo


78. The number of laps completed by drivers – enough to make your head spin!



3.34 km. This is the length of the Grand Prix circuit, which spans 2 km2 of the Principality with a total race distance of 260 km.



19. This is the total number of turns in each lap of the course that runs through the streets of Monaco: along Boulevard Albert 1er, past Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Quai des Etats-Unis, and around the La Rascasse corner… The whole city is fitted out to accommodate the circuit.



This is how many times Ayrton Senna took top spot on the Monaco podium. He remains the record-holder to this day.

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Monaco GPF1 Formule1

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