Le Bubble Wap du Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo

The Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo Bubble Wap

Published on January 14, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

The deep red Bubble Wap is a sweet, delicate blend of prestige and charm. It is a cocktail which nods to both the past and the present, with a colour that reflects the warm, merry tones of the current Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo and pays homage to its glorious predecessor, the old Cabaret de Monte-Carlo.



1cl Belvoir raspberry & rose cordial

0.5cl Monin elderflower syrup

2cl strawberry purée

10cl Brut champagne


Garnish: fresh strawberry


In a mixing glass filled with ice:

Add Belvoir raspberry & rose cordial, elderflower syrup, strawberry purée and champagne.

Stir with a mixing spoon for a few seconds to make sure all the ingredients are properly blended – not too much, otherwise the champagne will go flat.

Use a cocktail strainer to pour into a champagne glass, or a wine glass filled with ice during the summer season (for the pool).

Le Bubble Wap du Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo
Le Bubble Wap du Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo

The brief for this cocktail?

This cocktail is mainly a celebration of women, in memory of the old Monte-Carlo Cabaret. It combines champagne – the most popular drink of choice during shows – with the charm of floral fragrances (elderflower and rose) and the sweetness of strawberry purée. The concoction is red in honour of the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, the current occupier of the space which housed the cabaret.


Our favourite ingredient?

There are two. First is the champagne, for its status and sparkle. And second, the elderflower, for the floral notes which linger in the mouth after every sip.


 The perfect place to enjoy it?

At the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo of course, in the magnificent surroundings so evocative of the cabaret. It is also wonderful enjoyed on your terrace, and works well both as an aperitif and an accompaniment to desserts.

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