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The Mercantour chard: a story of terroirs

Published on July 15, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

In the gastronomy of Monaco, chard is anything but obsolete. This vegetable is even a base ingredient of Barbajuan, the emblematic Monegasque fried ravioli. In order to offer his customers the very best produce, Philippe Joannès, executive director of Monte-Carlo Catering, has chosen an unusual supplier for his chard: the Bouton d’or agricultural association. Behind this producer is an inspiring story of people, as well as a story of friends who are passionate about working the land.

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer established its partnership with the Bouton d’Or agricultural association two years ago. Located at an altitude of 800 meters, on the plateaus of Mercantour, it is entirely made up of generations of farmers, the children and grandchildren of farmers. All are old friends who wanted to embark on this wonderful adventure together.


They know what working the land means and have great respect for our environment. “Our farming is entirely organic, our products are protected, and everything is done by hand,” explains Benoît, one of the producers. The best barbajuans in Monaco are down to their succulent chard, cultivated in an area of only one and a half hectares, which is sufficient to produce between 80 and 130 kilos of chard per week from June to August.

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The secret lies in listening to the vegetable


The wonderful crunch and flavor of Bouton d’Or chard is thanks to their attentiveness of the needs of this particular vegetable, which was long forgotten before being revived in recent years. “Our difference is that we practice associated agriculture, meaning that we ensure the vegetables help each other,” Benoît continues. In the planting aisles, we find chard protecting beetroot plants from the sun with their large leaves, thus reducing their need for water.

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It is no coincidence that chef Philippe Joannès has seized upon this chard, once again enriching the Monte-Carlo Catering offer with very high-quality products.

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monaco catering

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