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Eleven reasons to love Suite Eleven, the luxurious cocoon of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Published on January 08, 2020Updated on July 03, 2023

Since April 2020, the eleventh floor of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has been transformed to accommodate Suite Eleven, a panoramic double rooftop suite suspended between sky and sea. Vibrant and unique, it joins the Diamond Suite collection of Monaco's finest suites. Here are eleven reasons to love it.

#1 A unique and opulent luxury suite in Monaco  

With a surface area of 195 m2, Suite Eleven offers its guests unparalleled space and comfort. As well as two bedrooms, including a master bedroom with sea view, it has a vast living and dining space which can accommodate up to 10 people. However, its most unique feature is undoubtedly the 21m2 covered terrace, overlooking the Mediterranean and offering an uninterrupted view that is one of the most beautiful in Monaco. 


#2 A 180-degree panoramic view over the Mediterranean  

Located on the eleventh and top floor, Suite Eleven is a flagship of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and offers a clear view of the sea and the silhouette of the nearby cape of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

"an uninterrupted view that is one of the most beautiful in Monaco."
Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven

#3 A modern and timeless style 

The suite was designed by Olivier Antoine, a designer who loves the Mediterranean Sea and is recognised for his modern and timeless style. He was recently behind the restoration of the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. His vision of a successful interior is a sustainable space with an emphasis on natural materials. such as woodwork in eucalyptus blue. 


#4 A suite that draws inspiration from its surroundings   

With the quintessential style and elegance of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Suite Eleven promises an unforgettable stay. It is decorated with the resort’s signature colours,  blue set off with hints of beige, directly inspired by the sea.

#5 Perfect privacy 

Suite Eleven occupies the entire top floor of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. It has a private entrance accessible by lift, with access to the eleventh floor for key holders only. 


#6 High-quality finish 

Designed with contemporary elegance in mind, particular care has been taken on the finish of the luxurious Suite Eleven, with materials such as natural stone and wood sourced from renowned suppliers.  The floors and walls of the steam shower cabin are decorated with mosaics from Bisazza, a specialist Italian brand with unique savoir-faire.

Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven
Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven

#7 An adaptable space 

Suite Eleven is home to two spacious bedrooms and can be upgraded to accommodate a third communicating bedroom. It also connects to the Duplex 1044 Suite, a 60m2-space for four people. Together, Suite Eleven and the Duplex Suite can comfortably welcome up to eight guests.  


#8 Smart technology 

The luxurious Suite Eleven has innovative and easy-to-use technology designed to simplify the lives of its guests, including thoughtfully designed lighting. 


#9 Des services exclusifs 

Accéder à notre collection de Diamond Suites, c’est se voir offrir de nombreux avantages exclusifs, pour parfaire votre séjour et le rendre unique :
Transfert aller-retour depuis l’aéroport international Nice Côte d’Azur, Accueil VIP signé Marcel Ravin, Check-in personnalisé dans la Diamond Suite. Sans oublier, entre autres activités pour se faire plaisir, l’accès au Sea Bay et à l’espace mer du Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (en saison).  

En supplément de ces services offerts, les hôtes de la Suite Eleven peuvent profiter de prestations pensées pour eux. Envie d’organiser une réception privée avec la présence d’un chef ? Besoin d’un massage ou d’une séance sauna ? Il suffit de demander…

#10 Unique culinary experiences

With its three restaurants headed by the Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has a diverse gastronomic offering to suit all tastes. Depending on your mood: Las Brisas for seasonal bistronomy reinventing world cuisine, L’Orange Verte for food on the go, or a unique meal at the Michelin-starred Blue Bay, for a unique sensorial experience. Suite Eleven guests can also enjoy exclusive service from the Blue Bay menu.  


#11 Relaxation or sport at the hotel 

Suite Eleven guests can opt for sport or relaxation when they enjoy the unique leisure facilities offered by this luxury hotel. Want to take a dip? Head for the indoor or outdoor pools, heated year-round, or the Lagoon with it sandy floor. Want to relax? The private Cocoon Bay awaits (in season). Need to use up some energy? It's time for a session in the fitness room, where state-of-the-art equipment awaits you, or for a thrill-seeking activity in the water: Parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, towed buoys, boat hire... the choice is yours! And don't forget the year-round entertainment at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort: Caribbean Evenings, Lagoon Night and an ephemeral pop-up at Blue Gin in winter.

Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven


A Green Suite

From the seaweed-based paint to
the finishing touches in FSC
(Forest Stewardship Council) certified
eucalyptus and LED lighting,
Suite Eleven is our very first suite
to have been entirely designed
with the environment in mind.

The Diamond Suite Eleven is no longer a secret for you. Live the Eleven Experience and book your stay right now. 

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