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Enjoy memories of Monaco and experience the legend

Published on April 16, 2020Updated on June 19, 2023

These are extraordinary times, the likes of which we’ve never seen before – and they particularly lend themselves to a trip down memory lane. But today, let’s laugh in the face of nostalgia and instead summon up memories of these entirely unique Monaco moments that we cherish, either personally or as a community. While we (eagerly!) await the time we can meet again to celebrate life with dinner, an exhibition or an outing, let’s remind ourselves of...

Features that are...so Monaco!

  • The distinctive scent of the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo is an invitation to well-being and relaxation. Its woody, floral fragrance contributes to the warmth of a location that exists outside of time. This is a place to come and take time for yourself, recharge your batteries and feel at ease. And that scent? It's AmbraRegal... of course.


  • Adrenaline levels rise in the casinos of Monaco, and all eyes are on the casino chips piled in front of them. In the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer's casinos, the chips are all stamped with a single logo, and have been manufactured for more than a century by Bourgogne & Grasset. The ultimate symbol of luck!


  • It has towered over the sublime Olympic pool at Monte-Carlo Beach for decades, and countless icons have climbed its steps… It’s the diving board at Monte-Carlo Beach! Wildly elegant, with its Art Deco style and bright colours echoing the hotel itself, this is the ultimate summer playground for families holidaying in the Principality.
Parfum d’ambiance des Thermes Marins SBM Monaco 

Moments that have made Monaco legendary

  • The day Prince Albert II married Princess Charlène an intimate memory indeed, with the happy couple celebrating their union in an alcove of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo's wine cellar. An utterly unique wedding breakfast that left a permanent impression on the guests, and on the team at Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.


  • The day the crêpe Suzette was created... Just like so many gastronomic creations, the crêpe Suzette was the result of a happy error: an unexpected fire in a pan cooking a pancake intended for the Prince of Wales, at the end of the 19th century! Today, you can sample a (perfectly prepared!) example in the dining room or on the terrace of the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, while admiring the daily ballet of Monegasque life playing out on the Place du Casino.


  • The day Coco Chanel saved The Rite of Spring Although she had not yet formed the bond with the Principality that we know her for today, fashion designer Coco Chanel heard that ballet impresario Serge Diaghilev was struggling to stage The Rite of Spring. Chanel, who was as generous as she was discreet, wrote him a cheque so he could continue with his work, and grew to become a familiar face in Monaco.

The greatest memories of Monaco

  • The day Khalid El-Hajraoui welcomed Lady Gaga to the Bar Américain The news arrived via one of those messages that you have to read several times to be sure you're not dreaming: during a visit to Monaco for her show at the Monte-Carlo Summer Festival, Lady Gaga was to give an impromptu concert at the Bar Américain, where Khalid El-Hajraoui is Head Barman. It was a crazy evening in this jazzy venue that has hosted so many celebrities, from Frank Sinatra to Sammy Davis Jr.


  • The day Maikel Van der Vleuten won the Jumping Monte-CarloIn 2019, Dutchman Maikel Van der Vleuten and his horse Beauville Z claimed the top prize at the prestigious Jumping Monte-Carlo event. The win came as a surprise to the rider, who savoured his victory amid the sublime setting of Monaco, taking full advantage of the Principality when not competing. His favourite pastime here? Strolling along the Port Hercule and admiring the yachts.


  • The day Marcel Ravin arrived in Monaco by helicopter... At 21 years old, the young chef Marcel Ravin visited the Principality, and swore that one day he’d return… A few years later, a helicopter brought him back to Monaco: it remains an unforgettable memory, and the start of a wonderful love story for Ravin, who would go on to be awarded the first Michelin star at the Blue Bay restaurant.
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