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Our Female Chefs

In the world of fine dining, it’s the women’s time to shine! Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is proud to present its talented female chefs, who oversee 3 of the resort’s hottest restaurants.

They are bold, brave and incredibly accomplished, with a diverse range of backgrounds and influences and a shared passion for good food. Find out more about the women at the helm of Elsa at the Monte-Carlo Beach, Em Sherif at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, and COYA Monte-Carlo.

In conversation with chefs Melanie Serre, Yasmina Hayek, and Victoria Vallenilla!

Mélanie Serre and her love for organic food

Elsa, the restaurant at the Monte-Carlo Beach, has welcomed a new chef to its ranks: Mélanie Serre. Having already opened her own restaurant in Paris, Serre considers this new adventure a more personal challenge.

We interviewed this passionate professional, who is excited about showcasing local gastronomy and products, and creating a pleasurable experience for her guests.

Find out more about mélanie serre’s career

melanie-serre-restaurant-elsa-monaco Monte-Carlo BEACH

Yasmina Hayek on the art of entertaining

EM Sherif is a tale of love and family. Already a worldwide presence with 16 restaurants around the globe, now it is coming to the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. At the helm is executive chef Yasmina Hayek, the daughter of founder Mireille Hayek, whose restaurants indulge diners’ senses with top-quality, traditional Lebanese cuisine. We sat down with her to talk about her keen desire to introduce Monegasque diners and visiting guests to her family’s food at EM Sherif Monte-Carlo.

In conversation with Yasmina Hayek

Em Sherif Monte-Carlo Cheffe Yasmina Hayek

Victoria Vallenilla, crafting flavour with feeling

At just 27 years old, Victoria Vallenilla has taken over the brigade of the establishment, which for the past four seasons has been sublimating the great classics of Peruvian cuisine with delicate touches of Asian gastronomy. The Venezuelan, who grew up in the Caribbean, has become the Resort and COYA restaurant group’s first female chef. “The restaurant business is a very male-dominated environment. You have to be more assertive and justify your choices more than men” proudly admits this talented young woman.

Find out more about Victoria Vallenilla’s career

“Food is about feelings.”
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