COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs
Savouring tastes

COYA Monte-Carlo, new flavours

From the dishes to the décor, COYA Monte-Carlo fulfils its promise to transport its guests to  Latin  America.  For  its  reopening  on  4  April,  it  is  unveiling  some  brand  new  dishes  and  two  fresh  menus  featuring  four  exquisite  courses. Make way for a new menu





Chef  Fabrizio  Fossati  says  that  the  2019  menu  is  inspired  by  a  combination  of  South  American  traditions  and  Mediterranean  flavours.  “The  south  of  France  has  some  fantastic products. The vegetables, such as the tomatoes and artichokes, are simply delicious. The fish is extremely delicate and very high quality, particularly the sea bass.”

COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs




Among the creations diners will be able to try is the citrus sole. “The fish is marinated in lemon and lime and grilled on the robata, a Japanese barbecue. Then it’s spiced with aji Amarillo, a yellow Peruvian chilli, and glazed with mirin, a Japanese sweet rice wine.” The COYA Monte-Carlo experience is a wonderful sensory journey. Last year two signature dishes were particularly popular with local and international guests: the Arroz Nikkei, made with Chilean sea bass, and the mouth-watering spicy beef.

COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs
COYA Monte-Carlo, de nouvelles saveurs

The eatery, whose philosophy is based on sharing, also boasts an extensive cocktail menu and its famous Pisco Bar.

COYA Monte-Carlo is more than a restaurant, it’s a place for celebration,” adds Fabrizio Fossati. “Dining with us is an unforgettable experience because everything connects, from the food to the music and décor. We bring joy to people with the spirit of COYA, which is what sets us apart.

“COYA Monte-Carlo is more than a restaurant, it’s a place for celebration”
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