Salle Empire de l'Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo
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Salle Empire, centre stage of the mythic Place du Casino

Published on January 25, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

A legendary venue, classified as a historical monument in the late 19th century, the Salle Empire once again gleams bright. The lush beauty of the “Three Graces” taken from painter Paul Gervais’ Garden of the Hesperides still lights up the room and makes it a jewel of the Riviera, ready to host unforgettable celebrations.



A dreamy view

Gazing out like a reigning conqueror, the Salle Empire enjoys an unparalleled view.

Gold leaf ceilings, towering frescos, chandeliers whose crystals sparkle with a thousand flames, and bay windows that open onto the terrace rival the Place du Casino. The Salle Empire of Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo of legendary nights renews the promise of sumptuous soirees and gala dinners with a unique attitude to life, and the breathtaking view defies every star.

Salle Empire de l'Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo



The venue of all unforgettable celebrations

For 150 years, the grandest parties have been held in this “Grand Siècle” setting resplendent with marble columns and sculpted archways. Theatre of balls, concours d’élégance, and magnificent banquets, the Salle Empire is an iconic venue. It is even said that the actor Errol Flynn entertained the who’s who of film here, from Rita Hayworth to Michèle Morgan, to celebrate his marriage to Patrice Wymore. A destination renowned throughout Monaco, the Salle Empire continues to offer its legendarily enchanting private dinners, concerts, and spectacular parties.

Salle Empire de l'Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo
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