HRH Joaillerie

Monday to Saturday "Monday: 2 pm - 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm / 2 pm - 7 pm"

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HRH are the initials of the house's founder Hind Rafik Hariri, as well as the acronym for "Her Royal Highness" and thus a tribute to nobility – that of a crowned head but above all the true nobility of the heart. In this way, HRH Jewels celebrates every "princess for a day" - along with its diminutive character, of course, the kind but mischievous "little page", a constant companion and helper!  The brand emblem is the "Tiara": both light and structured, faceted like a diamond, and whose apex keeps reaching ever higher. 

The story of HRH Jewels is that of a dream of passion and perseverance: one that led to the birth of an incredible gold lace as fine and delicate as dew, as light as mist… This has been a project that has relentlessly driven Hind for over a decade, dreaming and striving to keep this challenging work on the loom, constantly daring to push and redefine the limits of the possible in its creation.