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The concept behind Art in Time is unique in the watchmaking world: rather than selecting labels for their watches, ranges or style, choices instead centre around the store’s affinity with their values. These values form part of the driving forces behind each make, which in turn are based on independence, creativity and exclusivity.


Art in Time shares this desire for fine craftsmanship, and is the first to have curated a collection of timepieces from labels with such strong identities and a host of true entrepreneurs behind them, whose contemporary creations are kept to rare limited editions. These creations emerge every year from the workshops of some of the most innovative and outstanding names in luxury watchmaking. Their unique nature is most often observed in their pioneering approach to time display, the construction of their movements, and the daring case designs that set them apart from traditional timepieces.  Finally, these niche labels for avid collectors have a home: Art in Time.

The intimate space houses just a handful of exceptional timepieces, each surrounded by a sleek, clean display. Watchmakers’ logos and branding melt away into décor practically devoid of furnishings, devised to ensure that the timepieces remain in the spotlight and command the attention of any aesthete. This uniform presentation creates a visual harmony where each watch emerges utterly uncontrived, with even the display cases themselves having been designed so as to appear virtually invisible.


The aim at Art in Time is to capture the very essence of the art of watchmaking. The highly conceptual venture has ambition to match, too, with a long-term goal of other time-related artforms also joining the collection. For now though, the store remains the only space to house a collection of this calibre in the world.

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