Die Nibelungen at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo

Ciné-concert • Improvised piano music par Jean-François Zygel
Sunday, 3 November 2019 (CONCLUDED)

Year after year, Jean-François Zygel gives us his musical interpretation of the most beautiful silent films. He improvised the music accompanying the Nibelungen on the piano, a feat that would fascinate the audience of the Opera Monte-Carlo again and again. 

  • Date : November 3rd
  • Place : Salle Garnier - Opéra Monte-Carlo
  • Time : 11h00 (Partie I)
  • Time : 15h00 (Partie II)
  • Part One : La Mort de Siegfred (2h24)
  • Part Two : La Vengeance de Kriemhild (2h02)

Dated 1924, his diptych Die Nibelungen is particularly ambitious: composed of two distinct films, Siegfried's Death and Kriemhild's Vengeance, lasting more than four hours, it offers an absolutely hypnotic show. Considered by critics as a masterpiece of epic proportions, Die Nibelungen is a treasure of the seventh art where folklore and magic blend, where Fritz Lang draws a mythical universe in which the characters evolve in unforgettable landscapes.

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