Lukas Avalon Exhibition at COYA Monte-Carlo

It's COYA 10 Year Anniversary !
From Tuesday 6 September to Saturday 29 October 2022 (CONCLUDED)

COYA is celebrating its landmark 10-year anniversary and unique artistic DNA with the Pisco Jar Artist Collaboration. The collaboration sees them partner with creatives from around the world to decorate their iconic glass Pisco Jars. Monégasque artist Lukas Avalon is bringing his street art-style and Andy Warhol inspired designs to the stylish interior of COYA Monte-Carlo, the picturesque party hotspot situated right by the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. A unique exhibition of his artistic workings on the glass Pisco Jars and a selection of his original works can be admired from Tuesday, September 6th until the end of the summer season.


  • Date: from Tuesday 6th of September till season closes
  • Location: COYA Monte-Carlo
  • Dinner: from 7.30 pm
  • Informations: +377 98 06 41 73

Monégasque artist Lukas Avalon is turning the origins of street art on its head by bringing it onto the canvas. He meets the challenge of removing street art from its urban environment, while maintaining the socially relevant themes paramount to the art form, and ultimately elevates and emphasizes the talents possessed by street artists.


Inspired by pioneering Contemporary and street artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean- Michel Basquiat and Shepard Fairey, Lukas Avalon also uses his art as a form of advocacy. His highly detailed canvases transcend rather than merely criticize or negate the status quo. With a constant finger on the pulse, he engages the consideration and empathy of the viewer.


Avalon's paintings pay tribute to leading figures from the past up until today such as: Grace Kelly and Kate Moss, among others. Realising the power of fame and our society's emulation of celebrity, Avalon's central portraits further his subdued social commentary, which is typically hidden amidst the collaged backgrounds of his canvases.


Despite his street art influences, Avalon is increasingly introducing contemporary and Pop Art techniques in his creations. In every piece, the artist strongly conveys his powerful emotional personality through his backgrounds which, speak louder than words. Also, the chosen characters which Avalon uses in his works, aid to portray his feelings and allow the audience to perceive his pieces through their own emotions.

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