4th Monte-Carlo e-Rally

More intense than ever before!
From Wednesday 23 October to Sunday 27 October 2019 (CONCLUDED)

For this 4th Monte-Carlo e-Rally, the Organising Committee at the Automobile Club de Monaco will be championing diversity once again, with a course featuring 12 regularity stages. Some of these are brand-new additions, whilst others are established legends that have already enjoyed starring roles in both modern WRC and Historic Monte-Carlo rallies …

And, for the very first time since its unprecedented creation in 1995, the electric edition of the Monte-Carlo rally is heading to a host city well-known by the organisation: Valence.

  • Date: 23 – 27 October
  • Wednesday 23 October: 1st leg - Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes – Choranche / RZ 1 / 13 km / 15:30
  • Thursday 24 October: 2nd leg - Gilhoc-sur-Ormèze – Saint-Barthélémy-Grozon / RZ 3 / 13 km / 08:30
  • Friday 25 October: 3rd leg - Oze – Lardier-et-Valença / RZ 6 / 32 km / 09:30
  • Saturday 26 October: 4th leg - Toudon – La Penne / RZ 9 / 20 km / 10:00 and Conségudes – Bouyon / RZ 10 / 13 km / 11:15
  • Night of Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 October: the established challenges of Sospel – La-Bollène-Vésubie / RZ 11 / 31 km / 22:00 and Lantosque – Lucéram / RZ 12 / 16 km / 23:00

This E-Rally Monte-Carlo event – now in its 4th year – will also be the 12th and penultimate race of the 2019 FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup.

The purpose of e-rallies is to promote new automotive technology that is designed to emit the least pollutants, fine particles and CO2 possible.


They also aim to encourage drivers to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to driving, and prioritise protecting the environment and transition in the transport industry by using electricity as an energy source for vehicles. This is exactly what the Automobile Club de Monaco have been promoting for over 20 years, during which time they have tenaciously maintained their position as a pioneer in the field.


This challenge for next-generation vehicles has never stopped moving with the times, constantly evolving over the years.

The vehicles signed up for the race truly are groundbreaking models, with around a dozen leading automotive manufacturers represented in a line up which not only features electric cars, but fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen cars, and more …


For more information, visit the Automobile Club de Monaco website

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