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The Place du Casino at its festive best!

Once upon a time in Monte-Carlo...
From Thursday 7 December 2023 to Tuesday 2 January 2024 (CONCLUDED)

Discover the spirit of generosity and kindness this Christmas as our giant snow globes retell Charles Dickens' iconic 'A Christmas Carol'. Colourful, lifesize displays and narrated soundtracks recount the tale of Scrooge in five acts as he embarks on a journey that will change the course of his life for the better!

Discover the full story below.


  • Date: 7 December 2023 to 2 January 2024.
  • Locations: Place du Casino
  • Time: 24hrs

ACT 1 - In the city of London there lived a man called Ebenezer Scrooge. A miser, always grumpy... He loved money, but Christmas? It meant nothing to him. Even Christmas carols made him angry! "Silence!" he shouted in his dark and mysterious office, where only gold coins were allowed to ring out... Holed up in a corner of the room, his employee Bob Cratchit was traumatised by his boss's shouting. But to earn even a meagre salary, he had no choice but to help Scrooge go through his dreadful account ledgers! Bob reassured himself by whispering, "Nobody likes Scrooge!" But that was about to change, because Father Christmas had a plan to spread the Christmas magic in Scrooge's heart... 

ACT 2 - One Christmas Eve, a Father Christmas unlike any other appeared before Scrooge. He had a white beard and sparkling eyes. "Abracadabra!" he said, and with a magic trick, he conjured up a time machine. Suddenly, Father Christmas and Scrooge found themselves face to face with a little boy, his features already marked by the hard work of everyday life. Fortunately, he had his big sister by his side to guide him, just like this night when the house was simple but full of excitement. While waiting for the presents at the foot of the tree, they laughed, danced and shared their secrets by the fireplace. What joy! What a gift to see his big sister again, the one he had missed so much, an absence that had broken his little heart forever, or so he thought at the time... 

ACT 3 - Next stop, the Cratchit family home! Scrooge was surprised; he had no idea that his employee lived in such a small, modest house. He didn't know that Bob and his wife had 12 children to raise... On reflection, had he ever taken the time to take an interest in their lives? And yet, despite the poverty, the house was brimming with warmth and joy. The handmade decorations, lovingly created from paper and cardboard, shone like works of art. And didn't the children seated around a tiny turkey look happy? A little seed began to germinate: the happiness of this family, despite their poverty, was their most precious asset.Father Christmas' lesson was clear: real treasure lies in the heart. 

ACT 4 - A complete change of scenery! In a bleak future, Scrooge and Father Christmas recognise Scrooge's office and chair in this derelict place... What horror! A "For Sale" sign swings from left to right. But why is the library empty, and who dared set fire to the account ledgers? Suddenly, a rainbow springs up from the ground with a gift... Surprise! It's good old Bob, free of all his worries and beaming with joy! No more debts! Gone are the terrible days of putting up with grumpy Scrooge! Long live freedom and love, and Godspeed to that miserable cheapskate! There's no doubt about it, Scrooge must make a big decision: he must change! It's time for him to find the way to his heart, before it's too late. 

ACT 5 - Father Christmas had succeeded in his mission, and the expected time had come. Scrooge hurried off to the Cratchit house, his arms full of presents. Around the big table, Scrooge raised his glass, made a toast and said: "My friends, thank you for showing me the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks to you, I've understood that wealth lies in sharing and generosity towards others. Let's raise our glasses to this new life, to friendship and to the magic of Christmas!" Everyone applauded, even the children who were excitedly discovering their new dolls, toy trains and other wonders. Father Christmas looked on with satisfaction. The magic of Christmas had triumphed, showing that even the coldest heart could melt when faced with such kindness. 




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