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Make your dream come true and drive a Formula 1 car

Get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car simulator at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort!
From Friday 5 May to Sunday 28 May 2023 (CONCLUDED)

During the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco which will be held from the 25 to the 28 May, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is offering an incredibly immersive driving experience.


Prepare for an adrenalin rush!


  • Dates: from Friday 5 to Sunday 28 May 2023 (detailed of times below) *
  • Venue: L'Orange Verte restaurant terrace
  • Prices: Phoenix Pro simulator: €35 (10 min), €60 (20 min) / Ghepard simulator: €30 (10 min), €50 (20 min)
  • Bookings: not required, however sessions can be booked in advance by telephone or text on +33 6 64 04 30 28
  • Practical information: minimum height of 150 cm

This thrilling experience is as close as you can get to the real thing


Have you always dreamed of driving a Formula 1 car? You can make that dream come true at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort from 5 May!


Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a thrill seeker or just curious, make your way to the terrace of L'Orange Verte restaurant to take your place behind the wheel of one of the Formula 1 car simulators (Phoenix Pro F1 simulator and Ghepard Maranello GT/F1 simulator of your choice) !


Experience every feeling of driving just like in real life: acceleration power, braking efficiency, drafting effect and off-roading... The simulator recreates the exact sensations of driving in real conditions.



* Activity available at the times listed below or on request



Open to all ticket holders, tickets available to purchase at the prices shown above.



More information on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

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