Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo


Spicy Hours at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo

Spicy Hours at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo
From Tuesday 3 October 2023 to Sunday 31 March 2024 (CONCLUDED)

Come and live a completely unprecedented experience at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo!


Let your senses ignite during our enchanting "Spicy Hours" from 6 pm to 9 pm, where sushi dating takes on a deliciously sensual dimension with Asian and tropical flavors. An experience that will make you melt with pleasure and vibrate with emotions!


Adorn the exclusive Gold, Rose, Red, and Silver bracelets that embody the very essence of elegance and mystery, and express your state of mind during this spicy Happy Hour, where pleasure reigns and inhibitions dissipate...


Join us at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo for an evening that promises to be epic, exhilarating, and unparalleled!

  • Spicy Hour Offer: Starting from October 3rd
  • From 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Irresistibly Priced Cocktails
  • Food & Sushi Menu


Hold onto me if you can...


From the moment you step in, let yourself be captivated by the bracelet that will subtly unveil your most intimate desires, whether it's for an enchanting evening or a rendezvous imbued with destiny. At Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, each bracelet becomes an enchanting symbol of your deepest desires, crafting an exquisite experience just for you!


  • The Gold Bracelet: A symbol of passion and romance, it invites you to share an intimate and enchanting evening with your significant other. Immerse yourselves in an ocean of complicity and seduction, as exotic flavors tickle your taste buds and reignite the flame of your love.
  • The Pink Bracelet: Emblematic of love, it promises you an evening filled with intoxicating possibilities. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of new connections, while exotic delights unveil the sweetness of the unknown and the excitement of the unexpected.
  • The Red Bracelet: The embodiment of limitless pleasure, it opens the doors to a playful and unattached experience. Let go, dance with the unexpected, and succumb to bold delights that awaken your senses and push all boundaries
  • The Silver Bracelet: A symbol of friendship and conviviality, it invites you to forge sincere connections beyond borders. Share authentic moments with kindred spirits, as exotic flavors strengthen the bonds of a budding or renewed friendship.


Open Tuesday to Saturday inclusive for dinner service. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.


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