Casino Café de Paris

Which game suits you best?

To the slot machines!

A little QUIZ for even more fun!



At the Casino Café de Paris, we help you find the game that is best suited for you among the most innovative collection of slot machines in all of Europe. Save time finding the game and machines that suit you best!

At the Casino Café de Paris, we do our utmost to ensure that every moment is enjoyable and every experience up to par.

Don't wait!
Test your personality with the QUIZ below and find the slot machines that are destined for you!



When you play, what kind of experience are you looking for?

A. I want excitement and thrills: it can be short but intense.
B. It depends on my mood. I like to feel different things at different times.
C. I want the game and money to last as long as possible.


Would you rather win:

A. A huge jackpot once in a while rather than a small amount every day.
B. A comfortable sum on a regular basis.
C. A little bit every day rather than a huge jackpot occasionally.


How long do you spend on the slot machines?

A. A few minutes.
B. I'm not sure - I never thought to count!
C. Several hours.



Look for slot machines with 3 stickers.
You like to bet big to win big!
Your adrenaline rush is guaranteed on these machines, with occasional but higher payouts!


Look for slot machines with 2 stickers.
Your game depends on your mood. You like to win big and aren’t satisfied with small payouts.


Look for slot machines with 1 sticker.
You want the enjoyment to last. Bet as little as 1 euro cent and win time after time. It’s always a win-win for you!


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