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Diamond Suite Eleven, a suite at the top

Published on May 07, 2021Updated on June 30, 2023

Some experiences are unique, rare, and valuable, an expression of pure luxury. Staying in one of the 23 Diamond Suites suites at the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Resort is one such experience. Each suite promises a unique and unforgettable journey to the heart of Europe's most sought-after destination. Each one has its own soul and its own story. The newest addition to these gems, Diamond Suite Eleven, shoots for the stars.

A nest on the roof of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

When designing Diamond Suite Eleven, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort added the finest special touches for its guests to enjoy. This bespoke suite is for guests looking for space and exclusivity. This is a place where timeless luxury meets the spirit of relaxation that this 4-star Resort embodies so well.

Located on the 11th and top floor, this prestigious suite was born from the desire to make an intimate haven of peace that opens onto the Mediterranean. With a somewhat crazy venture: Creating an outdoor space on top of the hotel.

From the covered terrace, your gaze touches on the Mediterranean, lingers on two icons of the Monegasque Riviera (the Monte-Carlo Beach and La Vigie Villa), then slips away to Cap Martin and beyond. And at nightfall, you can bring the stars a little nearer thanks to the telescope.


Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven

Diamond Suite Eleven: A cozy and elegant interior

A private elevator leads to this "eleventh heaven", which extends over nearly 200 m2. Designed as a contemporary apartment, Suite Eleven offers a cocoon in soft, soothing shades, from the lounge-dining room to the two bedrooms. With bespoke furniture made by the best French and Italian artisans, eucalyptus wood, floors made of natural stone such as agate, a marble bathroom with a mosaic-tiled steam room, and more, refinement is present in every detail of Olivier Antoine’s decor.

Suite Eleven can be connected to a duplex suite, making it perfect for sharing good times with family and friends. Getting everyone together becomes an extraordinary experience, where time stands still between the sky and the sea in the warm atmosphere of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Diamond Suite Eleven Monte-Carlo Bay Monaco - Entrée

Bespoke touches for an exclusive trip to Monaco

The intimacy of this cozy nest creates an immediate sense of well-being. And, to let you in on a little secret, a famous tennis player who loves Monaco once said that stepping through the door makes him "feel at home". It offers a comforting sense of being close to the action, nourished by informal luxury and service imbued with human touches, in the pure spirit of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Everything is designed to make your stay special, from intuitive technical features to the ability to hire a chef for a bespoke private dinner. Enjoy a trip where your dreams can come true, and your wishes are fulfilled.

In the ultimate comfort of this rooftop hotel suite, you are immersed in a cocoon of softness, surrounded by velvety materials. In each room, the bright Mediterranean sky soothes you, as the shades of the sea match the blue tones of the decor. Even lying on the bed, your gaze dives into the Mediterranean, thanks to a clever interplay of mirrors.

To bring your feet back to the ground, celebrate Diamond Suite life and enjoy the hotel’s vibrant atmosphere with a gourmet break at the Blue Bay, a signature cocktail at the Blue Gin, or some time to yourself during a treatment at the Spa Cinq Mondes. Experience pure relaxation by the sea at the Sea Bay or by the fabulous sandy lagoon at the Cocoon Bay, where an area is reserved for you.

Monte-Carlo Bay - Sea Bay
Monte-Carlo Bay - Diamond Suite Eleven

Now you know all there is to know about the Diamond Suite Eleven. Live the experience and book your stay now.


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