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Diamond Suite - The art of being unique

There’ s a special kind of feeling you get when you enter a truly unique grand hotel. There’s the lobby, with the subtle fragrance of fresh flowers delivered that morning. People are smiling wherever you look. There’s the Dolce Vita to be heard in the bonjours and accents, reminding us of nearby Italy. There’s the sound of spontaneous conversations as people meet up, or that of trolleys carrying luggage. There’s the “ding” of the escalator bell, announcing that you’ve reached your destination for your dream stay.

# The quintessence of the Monte-Carlo spirit 

Then you have those doors behind which some amazing treasures are discreetly waiting to be discovered. More than just a night in a grand hotel, there’s the thrill of a night spent in the Diamond Suites, where pleasure meets mystery and tranquillity goes hand-in-hand with splendour.

The Diamond Suite Collection is both inspiring and inspired, from the Riviera spirit and also the unique Monte Carlo touch, reminding us of this destination’s uncanny ability to offer the experience of authentic and unique modern luxury, elegantly and with refinement.

# The unique Monte-Carlo art of living 

Be sure to enjoy a rare moment of wonder by slowing down and appreciating the details, because the sumptuousness and quintessence of Monte Carlo’s art of living can really be appreciated to best effect during a stay in a Diamond Suite.

Spacious, stylish, refined and unique, the Diamond Suites have a unique ability to make your stay an unforgettable experience in which expert know-how and the distinctive Monte-Carlo touch combine marvellously in an environment in which you are the centrepiece.

Designed as outstanding residential-style apartments, they superbly embody a modern Monte Carlo and a desire for exclusivity.

With all the skilful dexterity of a fashion designer putting the final touches to a made-to-measure clothing item, the Diamond Suite collection is at your disposal in the iconic Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo grand hotel, in the authentic charm of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, in the exciting Monte-Bay Hotel and Resort or in the relaxing and attentive setting of the Monte-Carlo Beach.


# An unforgettable stay 

The collection has certainly not forgotten its proud heritage, as demonstrated by its evocative names including, to mention but a few, the Suite Princesse Grace and its cosy atmosphere, the Suite Princière at the Hôtel Hermitage with the sea view really brought to life by the Prince’s Palais, the Suite Rainier III illuminated by the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo at the “blue hour”, the Suite Eleven, a private rooftop terrace with a view over the emerging Mediterranean, or the Diamond Suite Sunshine, whose elegance and style magnify the sunlight in which it bathes. 

These memorable experiences are created by Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer who take exclusivity to a whole new level for you, including a rare and re-imagined approach to personalisation and an eye for detail, bringing you a bespoke stay in conditions of outstanding comfort.


Whether as a couple, as a family or among friends, the Diamond Suite collection has everything you need for an unforgettable stay.


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