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A summer’s day at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Published on June 18, 2019Updated on July 26, 2023

A morning by the water

The doors of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort open into another world, with unique gardens extending all the way to the peninsula. This verdant setting is home to a sandy-bottomed lagoon, on the shores of which you can start your day in a Cocoon Bay, a Balinese-style bed, relaxing between the hanging drapes of your canopy bed and drinking the moment in like a smoothie before diving into the waters of the lagoon.

If you prefer to start your day gazing toward the horizon, head to our Sea Bay area. It features ten sun beds, all named for Mediterranean isles. Bask on the shore of the great blue yonder, in the protected natural Larvotto Reserve.

And for thrill seekers, head to the pontoon to discover a selection of new water activities! Parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, boat rental, it's time to jump into the water and fill up on memories!

A lunch that transports you

Marcel Ravin has developed a menu full of sunshine for the summer restaurant Las Brisas. When the sun reaches its zenith, fresh tastes are just the ticket for mouth and mind. Get out of the water to immerse yourself in the fantastic design of the restaurant and Ravin’s convivial cuisine. He opens doors between different worlds, bringing all the flavours of seaside life together on the plate.


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A languid afternoon in the heat

After lunch, schools of thought diverge. Nap aficionados head back to Sea Bay or Cocoon Bay, while well-being connoisseurs find their holy grail at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s spa Cinq Mondes. At the spa, you are invited to embark on a sensory journey dedicated to care, well-being, and beauty. Traditional massages proffered according to ancestral rituals celebrate another of the five senses in 900 square meters of perfect peace.

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Sea Bay - Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Evening lights

When the evening sun turns the sand to gold, you can almost hold the promise of a magical night in your hand. the Blue Bay keeps that promise. Experience this romantic atmosphere during a dinner at two-star Michelin Blue Bay restaurant. The terrace offers an unbeatable view of the sea or the lagoon, guaranteeing a divine moment for sight and taste alike.

Breath-taking views of the Mediterranean can also be found at the Blue Gin lounge bar: relaxed and cosy, it’s the perfect way to end the day, around a selection of signature cocktails, on the mixes of a live DJ.

And for unforgettable evenings between sea and lagoon, join us on Tuesdays, July 18 and August 22, on the terrace of the Las Brisas restaurant, for our Caribbean nights, or on Friday, September 1, for the Lagoon Night, an exceptional evening on the edge of the lagoon.


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Chilling all day

Sometimes summer is for nothing but endless relaxation. Focusing on the true essentials in life! Alongside the lagoon with a white-sand bottom, surrounded by patios, waterfalls, and islands of greenery created by famous landscape artist Jean Mus, enjoy the beachy bar, and, on some days, a few magic tricks. When hunger strikes, a delicious house-made pizza is sure to hit the spot.

If you’re looking for even greater privacy and comfort in this little piece of paradise, VIP Corners have just been installed next to the lagoon: the Miraval Corner” and "Muse Corner by Miraval” are perfect for enjoying ultimate relaxation in exclusive surroundings.

You’ll see it’s true: a summer’s day at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is the promise of a time like no other, where the senses, freedom, joie de vivre, and the pleasure of taking it slow are what count.


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