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Expert tips for an all-natural, at-home beauty regimen

Published on April 10, 2020Updated on June 19, 2023

Having some time to yourself is a luxury. Why not use it to give yourself a little makeover? Our experts are here to bring you six tips for an all-natural beauty regimen that you can easily do at home, with ingredients available in most organic beauty stores. If you’re itching to improve your hair, skin and smile, then read on to see which tips will work for you.

3 beauty tips from Élodie Garamond, founder of the Le Tigre Spa. Essential tricks that anyone can do.

# A morning jolt

Élodie Garamond tells all of her customers the same thing: the best beauty routine is the one that works best for you. So what’s her routine? Every morning, she takes a moment to plunge her face into some icewater, an excellent trick for tightening the skin. To soothe her skin after this brisk treatment, she uses a floral water spray, then applies a serum.

Elodie Garamond - Créatrice concept Le Tigre

# A stunning smile

For better teeth, there’s nothing like a coconut oil mouthwash for eliminating bacteria, whitening the enamel, and freshening your breath. The more avid beauty-lovers out there can even try double brushing with charcoal powder and organic toothpaste, for a truly magnificent smile.

Soin dentaire - Coconut oil

# A revitalised face

For the evening, Élodie recommends massaging the face with a gua sha stone (available to order in every major beauty chain), along with a plant oil. This is an excellent way to regenerate cells and oxygenate tissues. With this method, your skin will feel toned, refreshed and radiant—plus it’s a very soothing treatment right before bed.

3 tips for an easy and natural beauty regimen from Marie Ruel, a fitness coach at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, as well as a dietician and naturopath.

# Dream hair

Since nothing is better than a gorgeous, healthy and silky head of hair, Marie recommends taking the time to give your hair that extra sparkle. Her miracle solution: coconut oil, a simple ingredient that you can find in any pharmacy or organic beauty shop. Flip your head upside down and soak your hair from root to tip, while working each strand with the tips of your fingers. Then tie everything into a bun at the top of your head, wrap it in cellophane, and keep it like that for three to four hours. The idea is to let the heat activate the oil’s benefits. After a light shampoo, you’ll see results in no time: a soft, shiny, and silky head of hair. For better results, repeat the process twice a week.

# Pamper your skin

For a beautiful body and face, you can’t go wrong with the magic of aloe vera, says Marie. The recipe: mix 250 mL of aloe vera gel with 100 mL of Argan oil and ten drops of Helichrysum essential oil (which, incidentally, is a powerful anti-wrinkling agent). Apply this mask every evening after you shower, and marvel at the results in the morning.

# Beautiful from head to toe

Make sure you don’t forget your feet! They may be enjoying some time off right now, but they still deserve your undivided attention. Especially since the method is so simple: coat your feet from toe to heel in sesame oil, put on a pair of socks for two to three hours, then rinse with clean water. When performed twice a week, this regimen is good for your skin and nails, and helps to soothe dry patches.

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