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Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo: thoughts from the experts!

Published on October 30, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

Do you want to restore your energy or return to top form? If so, come to Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. We have over 6,000 m² devoted to relaxation, wellness, fitness and preventive health. At our resort overlooking the Mediterranean, a team of experts assess each need and implement a personalised schedule of treatments and activities for comprehensive care. Get to know seven of our experts.

A customised programme for targeted treatments 

Treatments Manager Christophe Fautrier offers a personalised treatment regimen at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. 'Massages, high-tech treatments, hydrotherapy and so on ,' the list of possible services is long. The solutions we offer must be a good fit with the client's lifestyle and take their habits into account. 'If we make too many changes, it rarely works. You can get back in shape in a month, but to be in top shape will probably take a bit longer.' Our goal here is to reconnect the body and the mind. Especially with Mind Management, a real inner journey that awakens the senses and helps clients achieve a state of calm and muscle relaxation. 'To stay in shape all year long, you have to eat a healthy diet and engage in regular physical activity that, ideally, also gives your mind a chance to rest and recover. '  

'Our goal here is to reconnect the body and the mind'
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Medical supervision to move in the right direction  

Meanwhile, Dr. Duhem handles any medical contraindications and assists in scheduling treatments, from cryotherapy to sauna to exercise in the fitness room or pool.. 'I meet a lot of people experiencing stress or suffering from sleep disorders or an imbalanced or unhealthy diet. I use the questionnaires that clients complete in advance to analyse the various causes of their problems. Then I perform any evaluations that are needed and schedule an exertion test with oxygen consumption to take advantage of the benefits of physical activity,' he explains. According to him, one month is enough for clients to acquire the necessary information to move toward a healthier lifestyle. 'But to correct any biological deficiencies, it will take three to six months minimum. You need to make slow, but definitive, changes toward the goals you set. ' 

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Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo - Espace Fitness

A private athletic trainer to reach your objectives 

 'Endurance, muscle strength, body sculpting, flexibility, water trampoline, aquabiking in the sea, circuit training in the pool, Zumba... Each year we offer the trendiest fitness classes. For a while now, the most in-demand activities have been the so-called Zen classes, such as yoga and Pilates mat work.' At Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, you can receive coaching from a private athletic trainer and work specifically toward your goals and, above all, improve your physical aptitude. Thanks to a digital app and an ongoing dialogue with your coach, your programmes will be personalised and effective. 'The first step toward getting back in shape is to leave your telephone in the changing room, refocus on your body, change your diet and resume physical activity with a mix of fitness and pool sessions. After a month, you will already be feeling the changes in your body and, as a result, you will be in a better mental place. '

A spa therapist to help you let go 

Amanda Rizzo oversees a team of eight spa therapists. Their goal is to deliver you a timeless experience that blends relaxation and surrender. 'Spa embraces a mind-body philosophy that goes beyond mere treatments,' she explains. Her recommendation for clients who want to give it a try is to reconnect with their emotions through one of the many spa experiences, such as a massage under seawater mist, a jetted showers, a Fleurs de Bach synergy treatment or other personalised treatments lasting 60 to 90 minutes. 'The very first thing is to identify the causes of the client's stress and fatigue, which often go hand in hand. Our bodies are continuously digging into our energy reserves. Here, we help restore harmony to the body and get back to basics.' 

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A nutritionist to bring performance right into the plate 

Nutritionist Véronique Liesse analyses your diet and lifestyle to help you get your health and lifestyle. 'My objective is to assess the situation and optimise anything than can be optimised to bolster your physical, mental and emotional energy. It is critical to understand the origins of fatigue or stress before attempting to resolve the problem,' she notes. She also offers sound advice to help you choose the right treatments and regimens, whether you want to manage your stress or exercise. 'Change will only happen if it makes sense. You can get back on the right path in less than a month: what matters is knowing your own priorities and knowing how to implement appropriate solutions. Then you just have to incorporate them in your lifestyle. '  

"Le changement ne peut se faire que s’il a du sens..."
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Two myofascial therapists to eliminate pain  

At Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, you can receive treatment from two myofascial therapists, the father-and-son team of Patrick and Adrien Provost. 'It is a gentle tissue osteopathy technique that consists in alleviating pain, releasing mechanical or psychological blockages, removing stress and restoring energy to patients.' To do that, they focus on the fascia, fine membranes that cover and surround all the parts of the body, which contract and tighten after physical or emotional shocks. 'In one session, this kind of therapy relieves pain effectively and delivers a real boost of energy that improves health, physical performance and mental acumen. '   

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A somatological therapist to reconnect with your inner self 

At Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, Christiane Dulap practices this therapy based on the five elements and the six energies to reconnect you to your inner self and restore self-esteem and self-confidence. 'I work on the energy meridians to strengthen physical energy using an approach grounded in Eastern philosophies to release negative emotions. It takes regular practice to learn how to listen to your body, which is the seat of our emotions. We also have to listen to our emotional reactions. ' 

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A podiatrist to get off on the right foot 

High-end foot care that combines paramedical treatment and wellness through massage is what Emmanuel Supplis offers clients. 'The goal is to reconsider foot care so that it plays a more prominent role in holistic treatment of the body,' he stresses. He also gives advice to help clients stay in shape all year. 'The foot contains more than 7,200 nerve endings. If you massage these areas every day, you will naturally relax your foot and the rest of your body. Taking time for yourself is precious.' Emmanuel Supplis recommends regular follow-ups ‒  approximately every five to seven weeks ‒ and regularly massaging and hydrating your nails and feet with an enriching oil. And, of course, do not wait until you are in pain to see a professional: 'Prevention is the real way to care for the foot. ' 

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