Lisa Ramsay Fell in Love with Monte-Carlo

There are so many reasons to love Monaco.
An exceptional place where anything is possible. Where good fortune comes to those willing to embrace it. Discover a wealth of experiences and first-hand accounts under the Mediterranean sun... Lisa Ramsey, Vice President, Event & Meeting Management at Protective Life Insurance Co. (USA), tells us about her love for the Principality.

Let’s fall in love with Monte-Carlo!

What attracted you most about the Principality?

Lisa Ramsay: The astonishing beauty, the warm and welcoming locals, the food….the shopping is over the top! I also felt extremely safe, I didn’t hesitate walking around at night to take in the vibe of such a wonderful place.


What’s your best memory of Monaco?

L.R: Sitting on the rooftop patio at Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo enjoying a glass of wine and watching in total amazement as dozens and dozens of mega yachts come and go.


How would you describe Monaco in brief?

L.R: Not only for the rich and famous, but for people who want to experience history, opulence, beauty and most of all…the warmth of a beautiful country.

"I love Monte-Carlo for its safety".
Lisa Ramsay
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