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In the steps of a Princess, itineraries of our concierges

Published on July 22, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

Since the dawn of time, eternal beauty has wafted like a fragrance in the wake of princesses. As if in a fairytale lived as a kind of destiny, the paths that mark their lives beckon again in the realm of Monaco, where light shines more brightly than elsewhere. From the Monte-Carlo Beach to the peacefulness of the Japanese Garden, from the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo to the Church of Sainte-Dévote, from the splendour of the Prince’s Palace to the Princess Grace Rose Garden and Theatre… In the time it takes to smile, memories merge with the present to sketch out the future of the Principality.

Step 1: Poolside relaxation

In a protected natural setting, recalling the charming elegance of bathing in the ‘thirties, the Olympic-size pool at the Monte-Carlo Beach basks in a soothing, gracious aura. A natural, spontaneous ambiance in which to enjoy days of harmony and bliss.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 2: The Japanese Garden

A reflection of the Zen philosophy of landscaper-architect Yasuo Beppu, the garden blends Japanese traditions with Mediterranean features. Inspired by a pure, esthetic vision of nature, it is a journey of escapism to the Land of the Rising Sun. Ponds, cascades and bridges form an island of coolness in the midst of the Larvotto neighbourhood.


Haven of serenity

Colourful Koi carp inhabit the ponds with their lotus flowers and water lilies.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 3: Far more than a restaurant…

The Grill at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo plays its part in the dream. Opening out to the Mediterranean, its terrace beneath the new rotunda surveys the scenery beyond the rooftops of the Casino Monte-Carlo, as far as the eye can see. All shades of blue merge together to compose a tasteful, warm experience inspired by the sincerity of Franck Cerutti, Executive Chef for all the restaurants at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.


Delicious grills

Healthy and tasty, specialities from the grill take pride of place.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 4: Church of Sainte-Dévote

Immaculate, nestling in the steep, narrow valley that opens out to Port Hercule, the Church of Sainte-Dévote is dear to the hearts of the Monégasques. Beneath a radiant sun, hailed by cheering crowds and arousing the emotion of the entire world, Princesses place their bridal bouquets in the Sainte-Dévote Chapel. In keeping with tradition.


Saint Devota

The Patron Saint and Protector of Monaco keeps a benevolent eye on the Principality.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 5: The Prince’s Palace

The illustrious residence of the Grimaldi lineage, the Prince’s Palace has played host over the centuries to the lives of the Principality’s sovereigns. Memories of celebrations of major events marking the destiny of the Grimaldi family are woven into collections of artworks and antique furniture in the state apartments.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 6: Princess Grace Rose Garden

A secret garden blooms in the peacefulness of its arbours. On special themes, in collections, over 315 varieties of roses pay delicate homage to H.S.H. Princess Grace. Designed to recall an English garden, the Roseraie unfurls an enchanting array of subtle fragrances.


A passion for roses

The most exquisite flower of all, the rose evokes sensuality, beauty, harmony…

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse

Step 7: Princess Grace Theatre

Once known as the “Théâtre des Beaux Arts”, its rebirth can be credited to the initiative taken by H.S.H. Princess Grace at the dawn of the 1980’s. A well-known and highly rated stage, its artistic approach consists of live performances in a programme of high-quality shows and productions.


In loving memory

A treasured souvenir, the portrait of H.S.H. Princess Grace hangs inside the theatre.

Parcours Concierges - Parcours Princesse
Suite Princesse Grace de l'Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

The Princess Grace Suite pays tribute to a great lady who left her mark on the history of the Principality and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo through her elegance, refinement and generosity. The Suite displays the princess’s work and her personal souvenirs, including her favourite poems and books.

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