Rose is The Future - N. Greene & T. Roussel
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Rose is the Future: a look back on one incredible evening!

On Saturday 30 April, the "Rose is the Future" Grand Dinner took place alongside the covered pool at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, ending the Ma Vie en Rose Monte-Carlo programme (8 March-8 May 2022) on an incredible high with an all-new, futuristic experience in truly stunning surroundings.  

A present-day peek into the future of Monte-Carlo’s dreams

Guests to the event were invited to board the “Rose Space Cruise” for an immersive experience travelling through time and space to a fantasy, utopian future. 

During the flight, video and light displays brought every one of their senses alive, as did a number of incredible musical performances: an array of solo and classical orchestra pieces arranged by renowned composer Thomas Roussel. The decor, meanwhile, portrayed a radiant future, full of colour, luxury and nature.  

This vibrant and melodious sensory journey gave guests time to take in their discoveries and explore this new window onto space – and soon, it was time to land on the long-sought-after planet rose.  

Rose is The Future - Thomas Roussel

An exceptional menu specially designed by double-Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin 

This immersive dinner experience was cadenced by the voyage through the galaxy: from boarding the craft to landing on the invitingly futuristic planet. 

In celebration of the event – the flight into the future, along with the approach to and discovery of planet Rose – guests enjoyed a sumptuous three-course meal by double-Michelin-starred chef Marcel Ravin.  

The menu was truly out of this world, both daring and gourmet with original and innovative combinations! A feast for the eyes and for the taste buds of all the guests!

Rose is The Future - dessert Météorite by M. Ravin

Bespoke entertainment all night long 

This was an event where time ceased to exist, with guests immersed in a totally unparalleled experience. Take-off was announced at the start of the evening with a countdown, and the space shuttle launched among the stars at the speed of light, with guests feasting their eyes and ears on a truly exceptional show. Towards the end of the evening, planet rose came into view on screens before the craft touched down to the sounds of a cosmic musical performance, and guests who weren’t yet ready to say goodbye to their new, futuristic surroundings were able to dance the night away. 


Rose is The Future - Palmeraie
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