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Three Benefits of Cryotherapy

Published on November 20, 2018Updated on April 25, 2023

How does cryotherapy work? Ten seconds in a chamber at a temperature of -60 °C, then 3 minutes at -110 °C. Sounds barbaric? Here’s a quick look at the benefits of one of these lightning-fast, ice-cold sessions!

#1 Wellbeing

There’s nothing like a cryotherapy session to help you recover from a long journey, especially if you're suffering from jetlag. The immediate effects of this unique therapy include higher energy levels and a real sense of wellbeing and lightness. It can also significantly improve sleep quality. In essence, if you’re in Monaco to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of daily life, then cryotherapy was made for you.


#2 Sport

Cryotherapy helps with recovery after exercise, releasing toxins from the body and improving the rate of cell renewal. It is popular with a number of high-level athletes. Many footballers, basketball and tennis players, Formula 1 drivers, triathletes and top athletes and cyclists are clients here at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. Be warned: the formidable efficiency of the cold is sure to win over all you Ironman enthusiasts, marathon runners and sports fanatics, too!


#3 Health

Cryotherapy works as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, meaning it can help to reduce pain. It can alleviate the symptoms of a number of illnesses including musculoskeletal conditions (due to its effect on inflammation and joint mobility) and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Its effectiveness in relieving pain and inflammation means it can even help with injuries.

Thermes Marins Cryotherapie

3 questions for Christophe Fautrier

To find out more about cryotherapy we caught up with Christophe Fautrier, the head of SpaO services, Manipulative Therapy and Technological Treatments at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

Thermes Marins Monaco

How does cryotherapy work?

Christophe Fautrier: Cryotherapy boosts metabolism by exposing the body to extreme temperatures. This improves the rate at which toxins are released from the body and stimulates cell renewal.

The -10 °C, -60 °C, -110 °C multi-chamber systems are the most effective, as the temperature inside the treatment chamber is kept at between -108 °C and -113 °C. The whole body – including the head – is exposed to temperatures of -110 °C for three minutes. There is no nitrogen in the system; it only uses cold air, so the air you breathe inside the chamber contains normal oxygen levels. The cold causes the bronchi to expand, improving oxygen uptake and helping to better oxygenate the blood.

The simultaneous stimulation of cutaneous receptors causes the central nervous system to react, which triggers a number of physiological responses in the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems.

What advice would you give anyone who is still unsure about it?

C.F: If you’re apprehensive about giving cryotherapy a go, think about its benefits instead of the session itself. One session a week helps to keep muscle tension at bay. Stimulated cell renewal also helps to improve skin quality…


Why is Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo the place to come for cryotherapy?

C.F: At Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo we take a twofold approach to cryotherapy: firstly, we see it as a standalone treatment offering the best possible ratio in terms of effectiveness and time taken, as it only takes 15 minutes of your day (including getting changed before and after) and you will continue to feel the effects for hours afterwards.

Secondly, our expertise means we are also able to offer complementary treatments to further increase the cryotherapy’s effects.

“If you’re apprehensive about giving cryotherapy a go, think about its benefits instead of the session itself.”
Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo Christophe Fautrier

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