Maona Monte-Carlo

The musical world of Maona Monte-Carlo

Published on June 15, 2023Updated on June 15, 2023

Maona Monte-Carlo offers a musical ambience inspired by the 60s, a carefree era lulled by Dolce Vita and subtle freedom. A live Diva and DJ sets are performed throughout the season.

A wonderful place for evenings of infinite pleasure.


Diva Roxy

Every evening, marvel at the captivating voice of Diva Roxy over a cocktail at Bar Sauvage. She chooses Soul, RnB and Motown as the musical genres in which to express her art with passion and authenticity. Vibrate to the spellbinding notes of this international artist in a captivating musical atmosphere.

Diva Roxy has contributed to albums by Random Soul and Supermini, and appeared on The Voice 2020, where she secured a place in Boy Georges' top 8.

Diva Roxy - Maona Monte-Carlo

Belle Epoque par Bon Entendeur


From early evening until late at night, the Maona Monte-Carlo and the Bar Sauvage will be playing their original, deliciously retro soundtrack. All the ingredients for the most festive of journeys to the Monaco of yesterday and today, between France and Italy.

Immerse yourself in the musical ambience of Belle Epoque by Bon Entendeur, the French electro music collective inspired by funk, hip-hop and disco. Bon Entendeur is more than just a music collective, it's a cultural phenomenon in its own right. The notes dance in the air, creating a sonic backdrop that transports you back to the golden age of Monte Carlo.

Belle Epoque by Bon Entendeur don't just shape moods, they weave stories.

Maona Monte-Carlo Bon Entendeur

Music sounds better with David Jay...

The Maona Monte-Carlo is also a place where music meets gastronomy. Every evening, enjoy a unique sensory experience accompanied by a DJ set. David Jay's reputation and experience have opened many doors for him in different parts of the world to play in renowned clubs such as Ministry of Sound in London, France, Spain, the UK...

Building on his experience and skills, David Jay is now exploring the world of production. He has released his own tracks that are infused with his soulful, funky and house rhythms and Afro vibes. His creative mix and catchy style invite you to be part of his musical journey.

Having honed his skills for over 25 years, David Jay is now one of the most acclaimed DJs in his island paradise of Mauritius.

David Jay Maona Monte-Carlo

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