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Founded in New York in 1932, the Harry Winston Maison stands for fine jewellery par excellence and high-end watchmaking.


Known throughout his life as the “King of diamonds” and the “Stars’ Jeweller”, Mr. Winston’s innovative creations allowed the precious stones to dictate the design of the jewellery thus revolutionising modern fine jewellery, and created a timeless aesthetic that inspires all Winston designs.

Acquiring some of the world’s most precious stones, including the Jonker and the Hope diamond, and supplying jewellery to top celebrities (from Hollywood legends to members of royal families), the Harry Winston Maison has been a staple of utmost beauty for more than 80 years.


Today, the Harry Winston Maison continues its tradition of creativity, exception and quality in its shops throughout the world, notably in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Monaco.

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